Tomb of Hafez and Hāfezieh

Where Persian Literary Heritage and Serene Beauty Intertwine

One of the most beautiful ancient monuments in Iran’s picturesque city of Shiraz is the tomb of the great and famous Iranian poet Hafez, also known as Hāfezieh.

Interestingly, national and international tourists interested in poetry, literature and architecture visit this beautiful place every year.

Good to know: this historical complex is included in the list of national cultural heritage.

You may be wondering what features of this place attract people.

This article will discuss these aspects.

Introduction to Hafez, the Beloved Iranian Poet

Tomb Of Hafez In Hafezieh
Tomb of Hafez in Hafezieh

Hafez had a passion for mysticism, religion, and literature from an early age, and in his youth attended meetings of scholars and great intellectuals.

He has published a collection of poems titled ‘Divan-e-Hafez’, which includes his 500 ghazals, 42 quatrains and several odes.

His poems were translated into other languages, including English, from his 18th century to his 19th century.

In addition to Hafez, he is also known by other titles such as “Lesan al-Ghaib” and “Tarjoman al-Asrar” (The Secret Interpreter).

These titles reflect Hafez’s mystical and philosophical spirit.

It is interesting to note that Iranians take fortune telling for themselves by referring to her sonnets.

Characteristics of Hafez’s poetry include its mystical character, precise and delicate artistic proportions, and the presence of a variety of moving and melodic, sad, epic and exciting tones.

Architectural Features of Hāfezieh

Architecture Of Tomb Of Hafez In Shiraz
Architecture of Tomb of Hafez in Shiraz

After Hafez’s death, the structure was renovated and restored several times by the Timurid, Safavid, Afsharids, and Zandi kings.

Ultimately, the current grand structure was built during the reign of Reza Shah (king of the Pahlavi era) according to the designs of French architect and archaeologist Andre Godard.

The Hāfezieh complex consists of his two gardens, the northern and the southern.

It has a beautiful hall and iwan, 56 meters long, with 20 stone pillars separating the two gardens.

 Symbolism in the Architecture of Hafezieh

Hafezieh, Shiraz, Iran
Hafezieh, Shiraz, Iran

It`s interesting to note that the southern part of Hafezieh symbolizes the material world, and as you ascend the stairs, which are equal to 18 numbers, it gives the impression of getting closer to the sky and the sun. The tomb of Hafez represents the symbol of the sun. The northern part is regarded as the realm of the afterlife and the world beyond death.

 Around the mausoleum are his eight doors, both at the entrance and at the exit.

The number 8 may be a symbol of the heavenly world and paradise.

 It is noteworthy that Hafez lived in the 8th century. This could be another reason why this person exists.

It’s worth mentioning that Hafez lived in the 8th century, which could be another reason for the presence of this number. In the outer courtyard of the main building, adjacent to the tomb, there is a large pool. According to ancient beliefs, if you make a wish and throw a coin into this pool, there is a very high probability that your wish will come true.

The beautiful green dome of Hafez Mausoleum represents the sky, and the hat of Turkish dervishes. inside it is adorned with multicolored tiles, each of which has its own specific symbolism. Turquoise symbolizes paradise, black and white symbolizes day and night, crimson red symbolizes eternal wine, and dark brown symbolizes the earth.

Introducing other parts of Hafeziyah

we would like to inform you that in addition to Hafez mausoleum, there are also the tombs of other dignitaries such as Qavam al-Saltaneh and Forsat Shirazi. On the north side of the complex is a building called “Hafezologie”, a library, a Cultural products store, and a traditional tea room. You can visit these places to learn more about our beloved Iranian poet, if you are interested, purchase his Divan and related works.

Visiting Tomb Of Hafez In Shiraz
Visiting Tomb of Hafez in Shiraz

How to Access Hafezieh Complex

Access to the mausoleum can be done by private car or by using public transportation such as metro and buses. It’s important to know that Hafezieh is located on Golestan Street in Shiraz. To easily access it, you can use Google Maps to choose your route. If you’re traveling with a tour guide, you can enjoy the journey and be assured that you’ll arrive at your destination through the quickest and best route.

Night Visitors Of Hafezieh
Night Visitors of Hafezieh

Operating Hours of Hafezieh Complex

The complex opens at 8 AM and remains open until 7 PM. It’s worth noting that during special occasions like Nowruz (Iranian New Year), there might be extended hours until 11 PM.

Hotels and Tourist Attractions near Hafezieh


Shiraz Hotels

You can stay in beautiful and luxurious hotels near this mausoleum and easily visit it at the appropriate time. Some of the nearby hotels include the 4-star Park Saadi Hotel Shiraz, the 5-star Persepolis, Zandiyeh and Grand hotels, the beautiful 3-star Atlas Hotel, and the 2-star Parsian Hotel. These hotels offer excellent amenities which are among the hotels near Hafezieh.


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Final Words

The best time to visit Shiraz is during the beautiful month of Ordibehesht (April/May) when you can enjoy its stunning nature and the fragrance of orange blossoms.

In addition to Hafezieh, you can visit other nearby attractions such as:

Quran Gate (the entrance gate to the city)

Bagh-e Jahan Nama (a historic and architecturally significant garden)

Tomb of Saadi (another beloved Iranian poet)

Nasir al-Mulk Mosque (also known as the Pink Mosque)

Eram Garden (one of the most beautiful and ancient gardens in Iran).

We look forward to your presence in the city of Shiraz.


Where is Hafezieh located?

Hafezieh, the mausoleum of the great Iranian poet Hafez, is located on Golestan Street in Shiraz, Iran.

What are the architectural features of Hafezieh?

It has a hall with a length of 56 meters and 20 stone columns that separate the main southern and northern sections. Hafez’s tomb also has a green dome with eight entrances and exits. The interior of the dome is adorned with beautiful colored tiles.

What are the names of hotels near Hafezieh?

Some of the hotels near Hafezieh include the 4-star Park Saadi Hotel Shiraz, the Zandiyeh, Grand, and Persepolis Hotels with 5 stars, the 3-star Atlas Tourist Hotel, and the 2-star Parsian Hotel.

When is the best time to visit Hafezieh?

The spring season and the month of Ordibehesht (April/May) can be the best time to travel to Shiraz and visit Hafezieh, as you can enjoy the beautiful nature and pleasant weather of the city during that time.

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