Travel Guide to Ahvaz: Everything You Need to Know

A City Brimming with Rich Heritage, Vibrant Traditions, and Breathtaking Landscapes

Ahvaz, a major city in Khuzestan Province, has become a fascinating destination for tourists due to the Karun River and its lively nights. With diverse ethnic groups living in harmony, visitors can experience various dialects and cultures, from Arabic to Dezfuli, Shushtari, Abadani, and Bakhtiari. The presence of large companies like the National Iranian Drilling Company, National Iranian South Oil Company, and Khuzestan Steel Company further adds to the city’s significance. If you plan to travel to Ahvaz, join OrientTrips through this detailed guide.

Geographic Location of Ahvaz

Ahvaz City, Khuzestan Province, Iran
Ahvaz City, Khuzestan Province, Iran

Ahvaz is one of Iran’s most important cities due to its strategic location. It is the capital of Khuzestan Province, neighboring cities like Abadan, Shush, Dezful, Andimeshk, Shushtar, and Khorramshahr. Covering an area of 18,650 hectares, Ahvaz is the eighth-largest city in Iran and the largest in the southwest.

Known for its oil fields, related companies, numerous bridges, and the Karun River, Ahvaz is well-recognized. The Karun River, the largest river in Iran, originates from Zardkouh and divides Ahvaz into western and eastern parts. The city experiences a hot, desert climate with extremely hot summers.

Ways to Travel to Ahvaz

Travelers can reach Ahvaz via air or by using land routes such as trains, buses, or personal vehicles. Each mode of transport has its advantages and disadvantages, allowing travelers to choose based on their specific needs.

Traveling to Ahvaz by Airplane

Ahvaz International Airport
Ahvaz International Airport (photo by Wikipedia)

The easiest, most comfortable, yet most expensive way to travel to Ahvaz is by airplane. Ahvaz International Airport facilitates travel with an average of 20 to 30 domestic and international flights daily. Airlines like Mahan, Aseman, Iran Air, ATA, Iran Airtour, Karun, Kish Air, Varesh, Taban, Qeshm Air, and Zagros operate at this airport. There are daily direct flights to Tehran, Isfahan, and Shiraz, and weekly flights to Dubai, Kuwait, and Mashhad. If you are traveling from northern, western, or eastern parts of Iran with limited time, flying is the best option.

Traveling to Ahvaz by Bus

Beyhaghi Terminal
Beyhaghi Terminal

Travelers from Tehran can take a bus from South Terminal or Beyhaghi Terminal to Ahvaz. The 777-kilometer journey begins from the Persian Gulf Highway, passing through Qom, Arak, Chalan Chulan, Khorramabad, Andimeshk, and Alwan before reaching Ahvaz. The bus trip takes at least 12 hours.

Traveling to Ahvaz by Personal Car

Driving from Tehran to Ahvaz offers three routes: 800 kilometers, 1000 kilometers, or 886 kilometers. The shortest route takes approximately 9 hours, allowing stops to enjoy the scenic beauty and visit different cities along the way.

Traveling to Ahvaz by Train

Iran Train Ticket

Taking a train to Ahvaz is another option. The mountainous terrain in the northeastern part of Khuzestan makes the land routes winding. The Tehran-Ahvaz train is one of Iran’s busiest and most beautiful rail routes, with key stations including Qom, Mahdiyeh, Arak, Momenabad, Shazand, Azna, Dorud, Shush, Haft Tapeh, and Andimeshk. However, passenger exchange only occurs at Tehran, Qom, Arak, Andimeshk, and Haft Tapeh stations. The train journey from Tehran to Ahvaz takes approximately 16 hours.

Best Time to Visit Ahvaz

Visiting Ahvaz City
Visiting Ahvaz City

Located in southwestern Iran, Ahvaz experiences warm and humid weather for most of the year. The best times to visit are autumn and spring. In spring, the extreme heat has not yet begun, allowing tourists to enjoy the city comfortably. However, the weather starts to warm up towards the end of spring. Visiting Ahvaz in autumn before the rainy season starts is also ideal.

During winter, Ahvaz experiences significant rainfall, sometimes for several consecutive days, which can flood the city. For some, this weather is challenging to endure, making spring and autumn more favorable seasons for visiting Ahvaz.

Best Accommodations in Ahvaz


Iran Hotels

If you plan to visit Ahvaz, knowing the best places to stay is essential. Despite the abundance of traditional houses, there are few eco-lodges and traditional accommodations in Ahvaz. Therefore, it is advisable for tourists to stay in hotels, houses, or suites. Here are some of the best hotels in Ahvaz:

Pars Hotel Ahvaz

Pars Hotel Ahvaz
Pars Hotel Ahvaz

Pars Hotel Ahvaz, a 5-star hotel, began operations in 1968. This five-story hotel features 136 accommodation units and is located near the White Bridge and Azadegan Street, offering easy access to various city attractions. It is also close to the Karun River, allowing guests to visit this landmark easily.

Oxin Hotel Ahvaz

Oxin Hotel Ahvaz
Oxin Hotel Ahvaz

Oxin Hotel Ahvaz, a 3-star establishment, is one of the city’s oldest hotels, opening in 1987 and renovated in 2009. It has two floors and 52 rooms, with facilities including a conference hall and a restaurant. Located near Pasdaran Highway and public transportation, guests can easily access different parts of the city.

Top Attractions in Ahvaz

What should you see in Ahvaz? The beautiful Karun River, the city’s bridges, or the nostalgic old houses? Each natural and historical attraction in Ahvaz offers a unique experience for tourists. During your visit, check out these attractions:

Karun River

Karun River, Ahvaz
Karun River, Ahvaz

The name Ahvaz is synonymous with the Karun River, once the most water-rich river in Iran but now significantly reduced in volume. Walking or driving along its banks, taking photos, and strolling across the White Bridge provide memorable moments for visitors.

Mapar House

Mapar House, Ahvaz
Mapar House, Ahvaz

Mapar House, a national monument of Iran, was built during the first Pahlavi period. This two-story building with courtyards on both sides features bent trees, a pond, and colorful tiles, evoking a sense of the past.

Surp Mesrob Church

Surp Mesrob Church, Ahvaz
Surp Mesrob Church, Ahvaz

Surp Mesrob Church was built by Tirdad Davitian, an employee of the National Iranian Oil Company. The white facade of the church is a striking feature. Today, it serves as a tourist attraction, welcoming numerous visitors.

Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge Of Ahvaz
Rainbow Bridge of Ahvaz

Rainbow Bridge spans one of the longest and most beautiful artificial waterfalls in the Middle East. Decorated with colorful lights, the bridge creates a spectacular display of colors when illuminated. It operates only on special occasions.

Three-Cornered University

Three-Cornered University Of Ahvaz
Three-Cornered University of Ahvaz

This triangular building near the Karun River has served various purposes over time and is now known as the Three-Cornered University.

Tomb of Ali Ibn Mahziar

Tomb Of Ali Ibn Mahziar, Ahvaz
Tomb of Ali Ibn Mahziar, Ahvaz (photo by Wikipedia)

The tomb of Ali Ibn Mahziar, one of the oldest buildings in Ahvaz, was constructed by Ali Ibn Mahziar, a companion of Imam Reza (AS), on the site where the Imam stayed during his visit to Ahvaz. Ali Ibn Mahziar was later buried there.

Getting Around in Ahvaz


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Travel Guide To Ahvaz: Everything You Need To Know


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Travel Guide To Ahvaz: Everything You Need To Know


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Travel Guide To Ahvaz: Everything You Need To Know


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One common concern for tourists without personal vehicles is transportation within the city. How do you get around in Ahvaz? The city offers buses and taxis for public transport, and the Snapp app is also available for taxi requests.

Delicious Local Foods in Ahvaz

Ghalyeh Mahi
Ghalyeh Mahi

Ahvaz is home to various ethnic groups with diverse cultures, resulting in a wide variety of local foods. What are the most delicious local foods in Ahvaz? Famous dishes include Ghalye Mahi (fish stew), Nafaleh, grilled Sabur fish, Pakoreh (or Pakora), Ardeh Ash (sesame paste soup), Falafel, Samosa, Ranginak (date dessert), Mohallabieh (milk pudding), and Hamees Touleh.

Best Restaurants in Ahvaz

Konjed Restaurant, Ahvaz
Konjed Restaurant, Ahvaz

If you enjoy culinary adventures, you’ll want to know the best restaurants in Ahvaz. Riverside Restaurant, Oxin Hotel Restaurant, and Pars Hotel Restaurant are among the top choices. For those who love Ghalye Mahi, we recommend Konjed Restaurant. Kebab lovers should visit Kebab Sara for the best kebabs in town.

Other notable restaurants and fast-food outlets include Mizban Fast Food, Shambama Fast Food, Pat & Mat Falafel, Kianpars Traditional Restaurant, Bagh Firouzeh Restaurant, Rocky Restaurant, Aghajoon Kebab, Caesar Italian Restaurant, Navid Restaurant, and Khorram Restaurant.

What Souvenirs to Buy from Ahvaz?

Ahvaz Souvenirs, Dates
Ahvaz Souvenirs, Dates

At the end of your trip, you’ll want to bring back souvenirs. What should you buy from Ahvaz? The most famous souvenir is dates, but other delicious options include sesame paste, date syrup, sesame halva, tahini halva, salty and date cookies, and pickled Bandari.

Ahvaz’s handicrafts, also popular souvenirs, include kilims, abars, kpos (reed mats), and mats. Visit Ahvaz’s markets to find these items.

Markets and Shopping Centers in Ahvaz

Royal Pars Shopping Center, Ahvaz
Royal Pars Shopping Center, Ahvaz

Ahvaz offers diverse markets and shopping centers, catering to different tastes. Shopping centers in Ahvaz include Negin Ahvaz Shopping Center, Royal Pars Shopping Center, Setila Shopping Center, Zeytoon Shopping Center, Tashrifat Shopping Center, Mahziar City Center, Imam Reza Market, Kianpars Tower Commercial Complex, Karun Shopping Center, and Zohreh Shopping Center. Traditional markets include Abdul Hamid Market, Imam Khomeini Market, and Kaveh Market.

Ahvaz Customs and Traditions During Various Occasions

Ahvaz’s diverse ethnic groups result in varied customs and traditions. One charming tradition among the Arab population is “Gargee’an,” where children carry bags around their necks, sing songs, and visit homes to receive sweets on the 15th day of Ramadan. Eid al-Fitr is celebrated extensively, with families gathering to honor the occasion. Zoroastrian communities in Ahvaz celebrate various important dates with festivities and joy.

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