Why You Must Visit Tabriz?

Tabriz is a city that offers a unique blend of history, culture, natural beauty, and modern amenities. From visiting historical sites to experiencing the local culture and natural landscapes, there is something for everyone in Tabriz. It’s a city that should not be missed in your trip to Iran.

Kandovan: Homes within the Heart of Stone

For nature enthusiasts who dream of plucking fruits from trees, savoring local flatbreads, and playfully splashing in mountain springs, the surroundings of Tabriz unveil myriad wonders. Amidst these, the village of Kandovan stands unparalleled, not only in Iran but worldwide.

Kandovan Village
Kandovan Village

Kandovan, situated 62 kilometers from Tabriz, embraces rock houses in a lush valley. A one-hour journey from Tabriz leads to this serene haven. A place where tranquility is astounding, vistas are singular and endless, and the air is perpetually refreshing – an experience that never tires.

At the village’s entrance, a beautifully unique hotel nestled within these slopes awaits. Even if you’re not staying, visit its restaurant, sip a cup of tea, and witness the hidden artistry of the village’s anonymous artists.

The people of Kandovan are shepherds and orchardists. In their local home stores, you can purchase everything from fresh dairy products to handwoven woolen items and acquaint yourself with a different way of life.

The Blue Mosque: An Architectural Marvel

The Blue Mosque, also referred to as “Masjed-e Kabood” in some sources, carries a unique hue in contrast to the typical color of Iranian mosques. Its deep turquoise shade sets it apart.

The Blue Mosque
The Blue Mosque

Its brick dome ranks among Iran’s tallest and grandest mosque domes. Stand directly beneath its center to witness the architectural masterpiece. Energy and awe in the viewer’s heart create an irresistible urge to twirl under this brick sky, revealing every angle of the mosque. At the end of this courtyard lies the subterranean crypt where Jahan Shah and his wife, Jahan Bigum, founders of the Blue Mosque, have rested for 500 years. Once you exit the mosque, head to the Iron Age Museum located within the historic precinct of the Blue Mosque.

Tabriz Bazaar: A Fusion of Gaze and Purchase

Tabriz Bazaar
Tabriz Bazaar: A Fusion Of Gaze And Purchase

Erase all notions of the historic bazaars you’ve encountered throughout the country. Tabriz Bazaar defies the scent of antiquity and neglect that often accompanies such spaces. No merchant has endeavored to attach modern commercial giants haphazardly to its sides. Instead, a few years ago, the merchants of Tabriz, using personal investments, renovated their beautiful market, transforming it into a place that entices exploration, not just shopping. If you choose to visit the carpet sellers’ market, you will never tire of wandering its aisles.

Tabriz Bazaar holds the distinction of being the world’s longest covered market and is inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

El Goli: A Symbol of History

Today, travelers recognize El Goli mostly as a picturesque park, a serene haven in the southeast of Tabriz. Situated on the slopes and surrounded by a stunning lake, even during the heart of summer, its coolness is remarkable.

El Goli: A Symbol Of History
El Goli: A Symbol Of History

However, El Goli holds significance beyond a coastal vantage point. In the heart of this lake stands a mansion in the Qajar architectural style, accessible from the eastern shore through a purpose-built road. El Goli translates to “Shah’s Pool.” The term “Goli” means pool in Turkish.

Qajar Museum: Time Capsule of Elegance

Qajar Museum: Time Capsule Of Elegance
Qajar Museum: Time Capsule Of Elegance

Step into the Qajar Museum, housed within a majestic Qajar-era mansion. This museum captures the opulent spirit of the past, showcasing the intricate architecture, furnishings, and artifacts that defined the era. Immerse yourself in the lavish lifestyle of the Qajar dynasty, exploring rooms adorned with exquisite decor and artifacts that tell the stories of bygone days.

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