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Shiraz, the ancient city located in present-day Iran, has a history that stretches back thousands of years. Its origins are shrouded in myth and legend, but archaeological evidence suggests that the area around Shiraz has been inhabited since at least the 5th millennium BCE.

In antiquity, Shiraz was known as the city of “Tiraziš,” and it was an important center of trade and culture along the historic trade route known as the “Silk Road.” It prospered under the Achaemenid Empire (6th-4th centuries BCE) and later became a key city under the rule of the Sassanian Empire (3rd-7th centuries CE).

In the 18th century, Shiraz briefly became the capital of Iran under the Zand dynasty, during the reign of Karim Khan Zand. This period was marked by relative stability and prosperity, with several architectural landmarks, including the beautiful Vakil Mosque and the Vakil Bazaar, being constructed.

In the modern era, Shiraz remains a thriving city, known for its historical sites, exquisite gardens like the Eram Garden, and its vibrant and welcoming atmosphere. Today, Shiraz is a popular destination for both domestic and international tourists who come to explore its rich history, visit ancient ruins, and immerse themselves in its literary and artistic heritage.

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Must Visit Attractions

Shiraz is a city saturated with history and culture, offering a plenty of must-visit attractions for travelers. Here are some of the top attractions you shouldn’t miss while visiting Shiraz:


It is situated about an hour’s drive from Shiraz, an old formal capital of the Achaemenid Empire. It is an UNESCO World Heritage site and perhaps of the most great archeological site in Iran, displaying the glory of Persian civilization.

Persepolis, ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire

Nasir al-Mulk Mosque (Pink Mosque)

This stunning mosque is renowned for its intricate stained glass windows that cast a mesmerizing array of colors on the floor when the sun shines through. The intricate tile work and delicate architecture make it a must-visit attraction in Shiraz.

Nasir-ol-molk, the colorful mosque of Shiraz

Hafez Tomb

Pay homage to the celebrated Persian poet, Hafez, at his burial chamber. This tranquil garden is a place of pilgrimage for poetry enthusiasts who come to recite verses and seek inspiration from Hafez’s renowned works.

Hafez Tomb
The tomb of Hafez, celebrated Persian poet

Eram Garden

Known for its pleasant excellence, Eram Garden is an UNESCO World Heritage site renowned for its rich cypress trees, reviving wellsprings, and dynamic flowerbeds. It is an ideal spot for a comfortable walk and a sample of Persian garden plan.

Eram Garden
Eram garden, an Iranian style garden

Vakil Bazaar

Experience the bustling atmosphere of a customary Iranian market at Vakil bazaar. Here, you can search for handiworks, rugs, flavors, and materials while submerging yourself in the nearby culture.

Vakil Bazaar
Vakil bazaar, located on the same name complex

Karim Khan Citadel

This historic citadel, worked during the Zand dynasty, filled in as the home of Karim Khan and a defensive fortress. Today, it houses a museum displaying artifacts from various periods of Iranian history.

Karim Khan Citadel
Karim Khan Citadel, constructed during Zand dynasty

Shah Cheragh

The stunning inside of this noticeable Shia Muslim holy place is enhanced with mind boggling mirror work, making it a stunning sight. The shrine is a place of spiritual significance and an architectural gem worth visiting.

Shah Cheragh
Shah Cheragh

Qavam House (Narenjestan-e Ghavam)

This rich house features the way of life of affluent families during the Qajar period. The house highlights lovely tile work, stained glass windows, and a delightful garden.

Narenjestan Qavam
Narenjestan Qavam

Tomb of Saadi

Visit the tomb of another renowned Persian poet, Saadi, situated in a serene garden setting. His significant works and moral lessons have made his tomb a respected site in Shiraz.

Saadi Tomb
Saadi Tomb, one of the famous poet of Shiraz

These are only a couple of the numerous attractions that Shiraz brings to the table. The city’s rich history, architectural wonders, and poetic ambiance make it an enchanting destination that will leave a lasting impression on any traveler.

Cultural Experiences

Shiraz offers an abundance of social encounters that permit guests to drench themselves in the rich legacy of Iran. Here are the absolute most outstanding social encounters you can appreciate in Shiraz:

Poetry and Literature

Shiraz has a well established standing as a city of writers and scholars. Engage in poetry readings at cafes or attend literary gatherings where locals and enthusiasts recite verses of famous Persian poets like Hafez and Saadi. The atmosphere and love for writing in Shiraz are really enthralling.

Persian Calligraphy

Go to studios or visit workmanship displays to observe the magnificence of Persian calligraphy. Famous for its beauty and class, Persian calligraphy is an old fine art that features the Persian content in different styles and plans.

Persian Calligraphy
Persian Calligraphy

Traditional Music

Shiraz is a center for traditional Persian music. Appreciate live exhibitions of old style music, Sufi music, and nearby society music. The mix of different instruments, like the tar, setar, and santur, makes a hypnotizing and profound experience.

Carpet Weaving

Floor coverings are a vital piece of Iranian culture, and Shiraz is known for delivering probably the best Persian mats and covers. Visit studios or rug stores to notice the many-sided course of floor covering winding around and even take a shot at it.

Iranian Cuisine

Enjoy the tasty and various kinds of Iranian food. Shirazi food is especially famous for its utilization of new spices, pomegranates, and sweet-smelling flavors. Attempt neighborhood claims to fame like Fesenjan (a pomegranate and pecan stew), Shirazi Salad, and Kalam Polo (cabbage rice).

Celebrations and Festivities

On the off chance that your visit matches with Iranian celebrations, like Nowruz (Iranian New Year) or Yalda Night (commending the longest evening of the year), participate in the merriments with local people. Experience customary ceremonies, music, dance, and the warm friendliness of Shirazi individuals.

Yalda Night
Yalda Night, Iranians celebrates the longest night of the year


Investigate the conventional painstaking work of Shiraz, including impeccable handwoven materials, earthenware, and metalwork. Visit the Vakil Bazaar to look for credible Iranian crafted works and backing nearby craftsmans.

Gardens and Picnics

Embrace the way of life of picnicking in Shiraz’s lovely gardens, like Eram garden and Jahan Nama garden. Partake in a loosening up evening encompassed commonly, relishing conventional bites and participating in relaxed discussions.

Hospitality and Tea Culture

Iranians are known for their glow and cordiality. Participate in the tea culture by visiting teahouses, where you can enjoy some fragrant Persian tea while participating in discussions with well disposed local people.

These social encounters in Shiraz offer a brief look into the spirit of Iran, permitting you to interface with the country’s rich history, expressions, and customs. Whether you are a verse devotee, a music sweetheart, or a foodie, Shiraz guarantees an extraordinary social excursion.


The cuisine of Shiraz mirrors the rich culinary customs of Iran, known for its assorted flavors, sweet-smelling flavors, and utilization of new fixings. Shirazi cuisine, as other Persian territorial foods, puts extraordinary accentuation on equilibrium and amicability between various components, bringing about dishes that are both delightful and outwardly engaging. Here are a few features of the cooking of Shiraz:

Shirazi Salad

This reviving and beautiful plate of mixed greens is a mark dish of Shiraz. It commonly comprises of finely cleaved cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions, and new spices like mint and parsley. The plate of mixed greens is prepared with lime juice, olive oil, and in some cases a sprinkle of sumac for added tartness.

Salad Shirazi
Salad Shirazi, an inseparable part of Shirazi cuisine


A renowned Iranian stew, Fesenjan is made with chicken or duck cooked in a rich sauce of ground pecans and pomegranate molasses. The blend of nutty and tart flavors makes a remarkable taste that is both sweet and exquisite.

Fesenjan Stew
Fesenjan Stew

Kalam Polo

A wonderful rice dish made with layers of fragrant basmati rice and cabbage, Kalam Polo is frequently presented with delicate bits of meat (usually lamb or beef). The rice is seasoned with saffron, cinnamon, and other sweet-smelling flavors.

Kalam Polo
Kalam Polo, made with rice and cabbage

Baghali Polo

This aromatic rice dish is cooked with dill and fava beans, resulting in a vibrant green and flavorful combination. It is commonly served with lamb or chicken, offering a wonderful blend of tastes and textures.

Baghali Polo
Baghali Polo, one of the most favorite meals in Iran made with rice and a special green been

Ashe Reshteh

A hearty and nourishing soup, Ashe Reshteh is made with noodles, beans, chickpeas, new spices, and flavors. It is often garnished with a dollop of yogurt and served with crispy fried onions.

Shirazi Halim

An extraordinary sweet porridge made with wheat, sugar, cinnamon, and spread, Shirazi Halim is often prepared during religious events and offered to neighbors and the less fortunate as a gesture of goodwill.

Saffron Pastries

Saffron, perhaps of Iran’s most valued flavor, is much of the time utilized in different treats in Shiraz. From saffron-seasoned frozen yogurt (Bastani) to saffron-enhanced rice pudding (Sholeh Zard), these pastries have a particular and lavish taste.

Saffron Icecream
Saffron Icecream, a tasty icecream specially for hot summer nights of Shiraz

Shirazi Shirini (Cakes)

Shiraz is known for its delightful selection of pastries and cookies, often infused with flavors like rosewater, cardamom, and pistachios.

Day trips

Shiraz is not only a city rich in culture and history but also serves as a great base for exploring the surrounding region of Fars province. Several fascinating day trips can be made from Shiraz, offering diverse landscapes, historical sites, and unique experiences. Here are some fantastic day trip options:

Persepolis and Naqsh-e Rustam
Naqsh E Rostam
Naqsh E Rostam, The Final Resting Place Of Four Achaemenid Kings, Notably King Darius The Great And His Son, Xerxes.

A visit to the ancient city of Persepolis is a must-do roadtrip from Shiraz. This UNESCO World Heritage site was the stately capital of the Achaemenid Empire and grandstands amazing remains of castles and sanctuaries. Naqsh-e Rustam, found close by, is an old necropolis with rock-cut burial chambers of Persian rulers.

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Another essential roadtrip from Shiraz is Pasargadae, the burial place of Cyrus the Great, the organizer behind the Achaemenid Empire. Explore the ruins of the ancient city and wonder about the simple but great burial chamber of Cyrus.

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Pasargadae, first capital of the Achaemenid Empire by Cyrus the Great


Go to Firuzabad to see the old Sassanian city and the Qal’eh Dokhtar, a very much protected fortress with a one of a kind roundabout plan. The close by Royal residence of Ardashir is additionally worth visiting for its historical importance and building magnificence.

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Qashqai Nomad Experience

Embrace the migrant way of life by requiring a roadtrip to visit a Qashqai nomadic tribe in the close by mountains. Experience their neighborliness, find out about their traditions, and appreciate amazing perspectives on the surrounding landscape.

Qashqai Nomads
Qashqai Nomads of Fars province

Lake Maharloo

This delightful saltwater lake, found right out of Shiraz, offers a peaceful setting for a roadtrip. The lake’s pink shade, particularly during specific seasons, adds to its charm, making it a photographer’s delight.

Maharloo Lake
Maharloo Lake, located south east of Shiraz city

Tang-e Chogan

Hike or drive to Tang-e Chogan, a picturesque canyon with old carvings on its walls. This site is known for its historical stone reliefs, giving a brief look into the locale’s past.


Venture to Bishapur, an old city established by Shapur I of the Sassanian Empire. The site highlights fascinating ruins, including a rock-cut relief and the remains of a grand palace.

Shahpour Cave
This cave is near Kazerun in the Chogan valley, which was the site of polo, in the Sasanian period

These roadtrips around Shiraz offer an opportunity to delve deeper into the history, culture, and regular magnificence of the locale, making your visit to Shiraz a truly enriching experience.

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Public transport

Shiraz, like many other major cities in Iran, has a well-established public transportation system that includes various modes of transport. Here are the primary public transportation options available in Shiraz:


Shiraz has a broad organization of public buses that cover most region of the city. These buses are a reasonable and well known method of transport for the both local people and tourists. There are various kinds of buses, including ordinary city buses and air-conditioned buses, offering a more agreeable travel insight.

Shiraz Bus
The bus system of Shiraz city


Shiraz has a metro framework with a few lines that interface various pieces of the city. The metro is a helpful and quick method for going inside Shiraz. It is especially valuable during peak hours when traffic congestion is common.


Taxis are abundant in Shiraz and offer a flexible mode of transport. You can find both authority city taxicabs and private cabs. Official city taxis are generally yellow or green, and their rates are regularly metered. Private taxicabs might require some exchange for the charge before the excursion.

Shiraz Taxi
Yellow taxis, running in Shiraz city


In recent years, the city has been promoting cycling as a means of transport. You can discover some bike rental stations in specific region of the city, making it a maintainable and eco-accommodating method for exploring Shiraz.

It’s worth noting that public transportation in Shiraz might undergo changes or improvements beyond my last update, and I recommend checking for the most current information from local sources or travel websites when planning your trip. Additionally, while public transportation is widely available, taxis and ridesharing services offer a more flexible and convenient option for travelers exploring specific attractions or on day trips outside the city.

Safety consideration

While venturing out to Shiraz, similar to some other destinations, it’s fundamental for travelers to focus on safety. While Iran, as a general rule, is viewed as a protected country for travelers, it’s always wise to take some precautions and be aware of local customs and regulations. Here are some safety considerations for tourists visiting Shiraz:

Respect Local Laws and Customs

Iran has severe regulations and social standards that guests ought with comply to. Dress unassumingly, particularly while visiting strict locales, and avoid public displays of affection. Consumption of alcohol is prohibited in Iran, and it’s important to be aware of this and respect local customs.

Local Customs
Tourists visiting Persepolis

Travel Insurance

Guarantee you have far reaching travel insurance that covers health related crises, trip undoings, and other unanticipated occasions. Make sure your insurance policy also covers Iran as some policies may have exclusions for certain countries.

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Be Vigilant in Crowded Areas

Like in any city, be careful of your things in jam-packed places like markets, vacation spots, and public transportation. Pickpocketing can happen in occupied regions, so keep your assets secure and know about your environmental factors.

Transportation Security

If you plan to use taxis or ridesharing services, choose official city taxis or reputable ridesharing apps like Snapp. Always negotiate the fare in advance with private taxis. When crossing roads, use pedestrian crossings and be cautious of traffic.

Avoid Political Demonstrations

Iran occasionally experiences political demonstrations, and it’s advisable to avoid participating in or being near such events, as they can be unpredictable and potentially unsafe for tourists.

Keep Significant documents Secure

Keep your identification, visa, and other significant documents in a protected area, similar to a lodging safe. Register your travel plans with your embassy or consulate for additional safety support if needed.

Emergency Contacts

Note down fundamental emergency contact numbers, like nearby police, medical clinics, your country’s embassy or consulate, and your accommodation’s contact information.

By being mindful of these safety considerations, respecting local customs, and staying informed, you can have a safe and enjoyable experience while visiting Shiraz and exploring the cultural wonders of Iran.

Souvenir of Shiraz

Shiraz, as a city wealthy in culture and history, offers a large number of novel and delightful souvenirs that make for superb remembrances and gifts. Here are a few famous souvenirs you can track down in Shiraz:

Persian Carpets and Rugs

Shiraz is prestigious for its dazzling handwoven Persian carpets and rugs. These intricate pieces showcase beautiful designs and craftsmanship and are treasured around the world. Look for carpets made with high-quality wool or silk, and you’ll find a variety of sizes and patterns to choose from.

Persian Carpet
Persian Carpet

Handicrafts and Pottery

Shiraz is known for its customary crafted works and ceramics. You can find hand-painted earthenware production, delicate tiles, and wonderfully created wooden things. Look for small decorative pieces like miniature paintings or wooden boxes adorned with Persian art.

Khatamkari Craftsmanship

Khatamkari is a customary Persian work of art that includes making unpredictable mathematical examples utilizing minuscule bits of wood, metal, and bone. Things like gems boxes, photo placements, and enhancing plates decorated with Khatamkari plans make unique and elegant souvenirs.

Famous Persian Khatamkari

Traditional Musical Instruments

In the event that you are a music devotee, consider purchasing a traditional Persian instrument like the tar, setar, or santur. These delightfully created instruments are beautiful as well as proposition a chance to learn and value Iranian music.

Miniature Paintings

Persian miniature paintings are known for their intricate detail and vibrant colors. Look for miniature paintings depicting historical scenes, poetic verses, or nature motifs. These make for a beautiful addition to any art collection.

Silverware and Jewelry

Shiraz offers an assortment of hand tailored silverware and jewelry pieces. Search for unique designs like filigree work or pieces propelled by old Persian craftsmanship and images.

Shiraz Jewellry
You can find all types of Jewelries in the market of Shiraz city

Spices and Saffron

Iran is well known for its excellent saffron and different sweet-smelling flavors. Consider bringing back some saffron strings or zest mixes to add a bit of Persian flavor to your cooking.

Shiraz Spices
Shiraz spices which you can find in different part of local bazaars


It is a customary Persian nougat made with pistachios, rosewater, and other natural ingredients. It is a famous sweet treat and a magnificent keepsake to bring back for loved ones.

Pashmina Shawls and Scarves

Look for soft and luxurious pashmina shawls or scarves made from fine cashmere wool. These items are not only beautiful but also practical for colder climates.

While looking for souvenirs in Shiraz, make sure to explore local bazaars, marketplaces, and respectable stores to track down bona fide and top notch things. These souvenirs will serve as cherished reminders of your time in this culturally rich and vibrant city.

Shiraz weather

Shiraz has a moderate weather described by warm summers and gentle winters. The best opportunity to visit Shiraz generally relies upon your inclinations for climate and the sort of involvement you look for. Here is an outline of the city’s climate consistently:

Shiraz Weather
Spring time in Shiraz as flowers blooming

Spring (Walk to May)

Spring is for the most part viewed as the best opportunity to visit Shiraz. The climate during this season is gentle and charming, with temperatures going from around 15°C to 25°C (59°F to 77°F). The city is enhanced with sprouting blossoms and lavish green gardens, making it a pleasant opportunity to explore the city’s attractions and enjoy the wonderful scenes.

Summer (June to August)

Summer in Shiraz can be very warm, with temperatures frequently taking off above 30°C (86°F) and at times coming to 40°C (104°F) or higher. It can be challenging to explore the city during the peak of summer due to the intense heat. However, if you don’t mind the heat, this time of the year offers fewer crowds and the opportunity to experience local life during Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting.

Autumn (September to November)

Fall is one more ideal opportunity to visit Shiraz. The weather conditions begins to chill off, making sightseeing more comfortable. Temperatures range from 15°C to 25°C (59°F to 77°F), the city’s gardens stops actually offer energetic varieties and lovely outside encounters.

Winter (December to February)

Winter in Shiraz is relatively mild compared to many other regions in Iran. Temperatures range from 5°C to 15°C (41°F to 59°F). While it rarely snows in the city, the nearby mountains may have some snowfall, making for a beautiful backdrop. Winter can be a good time for budget travelers as accommodation and travel costs tend to be lower, and there are fewer tourists.

Taking into account the lovely climate and sprouting gardens, the best opportunity to venture out to Shiraz is during spring (Walk to May) and fall (September to November). During these seasons, you can partake in the city’s social attractions, investigate the antiquated destroys, and submerge yourself in the city’s verse and artistic legacy without the outrageous temperatures of summer or the colder temperatures of winter. Remember that Shiraz can be very packed with travelers during these pinnacle seasons, so reserving convenience and visits ahead of time is prescribed to guarantee a smooth and pleasant excursion.


Shiraz offers various hotels that take special care of various budgets plans and preferences. Here are some of the famous hotels in Shiraz:

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Chamran Grand Hotel

Located on a slope sitting above the city, Chamran hotel is perhaps of the most extravagant hotels in Shiraz. It offers dazzling perspectives on the city and the encompassing mountains. The hotel includes very much selected rooms, a few restaurants, spa facilities, and a rooftop pool.

Chamran Hotel
Chamran Hotel of Shiraz city

Homa Hotel Shiraz

Homa is a 5-star hotel situated close to the downtown area, making it helpful for exploring the significant attractions of Shiraz. The hotel offers agreeable rooms, a wonderful garden, pool, and different dining choices.

Pars International Hotel

This 5-star hotel is situated in the core of Shiraz and is known for its rich feel and first class benefits. The hotel offers spacious rooms, a wellness center, a roof pool, and various dining choices.

Elysee Hotel Shiraz

Elysee  is a 4-star hotel offering a charming stay with present day amenities. The hotel is strategically placed close to well known milestones like the Hafez Tomb and the Quran Gate. It gives agreeable rooms, a café, and well disposed staff.

Niayesh Boutique Hotel

For those seeking a more authentic and traditional experience, Niayesh Boutique Hotel offers a charming stay in a beautifully restored historical building. The hotel exudes the essence of Persian architecture and hospitality.

Niayesh Hotel
Niayesh Hotel of Shiraz city

Karimkhan Hotel

This hotel is housed in a redesigned conventional house, offering a brief look into the verifiable design of Shiraz. It provides a cozy and intimate atmosphere with personalized services.

Please note that hotel availability and rankings may change over time, so it’s a good idea to check recent reviews and ratings before making your reservation. Additionally, Shiraz attracts many visitors during peak tourist seasons, so it’s advisable to book your accommodation well in advance, especially if you plan to visit during spring or autumn.

Shopping Centers

Shiraz boasts several famous shopping centers and bazaars where you can find a wide range of goods, from traditional handicrafts to modern fashion items. Here are some of the most well-known shopping centers in Shiraz:

Vakil Bazaar

Vakil is one of the old and most renowned bazaars in Shiraz. It offers a customary shopping experience with tight rear entryways fixed with shops selling flavors, rugs, handicrafts, textiles, jewelry, and more. The bazaar also houses the Vakil Bathhouse and Vakil Mosque, making it a popular tourist attraction.

Vakil Bazaar
Vakil bazaar of Shiraz

Pars Shopping Center

Located in the city center, Pars Shopping Center is one of the largest and most modern shopping malls in Shiraz. It houses numerous shops, boutiques, and department stores offering a wide variety of products, including clothing, electronics, cosmetics, and home goods.

Arg-e Jadid

This mall is known for its wonderful engineering and plan. It highlights different stores, cafes, and restaurants, making it a well known spot for local people and tourists at the same.

Moshir Shopping Center

Moshir is a more modest retail outlet known for its specialty stores, especially those selling crafted works, rugs, and customary Iranian products.

Arg-e Karim Khan Mall

Arranged inside the verifiable Karim Khan citadel, this shopping center offers an interesting involvement in its mix of present day shopping offices inside an old fortress setting.

When shopping in Shiraz, don’t forget to practice your bargaining skills, especially in the traditional bazaars where haggling is a common practice. Whether you’re seeking traditional Persian souvenirs or the latest fashion trends, these shopping centers in Shiraz cater to various tastes and preferences, ensuring an enjoyable retail experience.


Shiraz offers a great culinary scene with various restaurants that serve traditional Persian dishes and international foods. Here are some of the famous restaurants in Shiraz that are popular among both locals and tourists:

Shiraz Restaurant
An evening with Shirazi people at a restaurant

Shater Abbas Restaurant

Situated close to the Vakil bazaar, Shater Abbas is a notable and cherished restaurant in Shiraz. It spends significant time in serving tasty Iranian kebabs, stews, and nearby dishes in a customary setting.

Haft Khan Restaurant

Haft Khan is a beautifully designed restaurant that offers a true Persian dining experience. It highlights seven unique areas addressing different parts of Persian culture. The menu incorporates many Iranian dishes and traditional drinks.

Sharzeh Restaurant

This restaurant is well known for its awesome roof garden, where you can appreciate dazzling perspectives on the city, while enjoying flavorful Persian food. The restaurant offers a mix of traditional and modern dishes.

Zeytoon Traditional Restaurant

Zeytoon is a charming restaurant with a cozy and traditional atmosphere. It serves a variety of Iranian dishes, including local specialties and traditional desserts.

Sofre Khaneh Sonati Restaurant

This restaurant provides a unique dining experience as guests sit on traditional floor cushions around low tables while enjoying traditional Iranian dishes. The ambiance is enhanced by live music performances.

Mahyar Restaurant

Mahyar is a deep rooted restaurant known for its delightful kebabs and barbecued meats. It offers a charming feeling and different Persian dishes.

Hafez Divan Tea House

While not a traditional restaurant, It is a must-visit for any traveler to Shiraz. Situated close to the Hafez Tomb, this tea house permits you to appreciate Persian tea while encompassed by the verse and air of perhaps of Iran’s most celebrated artist, Hafez.

Please note that the availability and popularity of restaurants may change over time, so it’s always a good idea to check recent reviews and recommendations before visiting. Shiraz’s culinary scene offers a fantastic array of flavors and experiences, making dining in the city a memorable part of your visit.

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