Kish Travel Guide: All You Need To Know

All You Need to Know Before Traveling To Kish Island

The travel guide to Kish provides comprehensive and practical information for travelers to one of Iran’s most popular tourist destinations. Kish, with its numerous attractions, including beautiful beaches, rich local culture, and diverse recreational activities, is a serene and entertaining destination. This OrientTrips guide helps travelers choose the best time to visit the island and provides information about the weather, attractions, and recreational facilities at every stage of their trip to Kish.

Best Time to Visit Kish

Kish Island, Persian Gulf, Iran
Kish Island, Persian Gulf, Iran

Kish has a hot and humid climate with an average annual temperature of around 27°C. Therefore, winter is the best time to visit Kish. During this time, the mild spring-like weather allows you to enjoy sightseeing and water activities without the oppressive heat and humidity of summer. While the island experiences both hot and mild climates, winter offers the best weather conditions with cool nights and moderate days, making it ideal for travelers.

Top Attractions in Kish

The Green Tree

The Green Tree Of Kish
The Green Tree of Kish

The Green Tree is one of Kish’s historical and natural attractions, with a history spanning over 500 years. Its roots emerge above the ground, giving it a unique and fascinating appearance. Colorful pieces of cloth tied to it reflect the local belief in the tree’s sacredness and power.

Twin Water Cisterns with Five Windcatchers

Twin Water Cisterns With Five Windcatchers, Kish
Twin Water Cisterns with Five Windcatchers, Kish

The Twin Water Cisterns in Kish are historical attractions resembling the architectural style of Yazd. The structure features five windcatchers facing each other, creating a sense of wandering through the alleys of Yazd. Two domes alongside the windcatchers add to the beauty of the site.

Kish Native Anthropology House

Kish Native Ethnographic House
Kish Native Ethnographic House

The Native Anthropology House, one of the most beautiful historical attractions on the island, dates back 200 years. Located in the historical Safin neighborhood, it covers an area of 1,200 square meters and includes winter and summer rooms, a reception yard, a family yard, storage rooms, water well rings, a kitchen, and more. In 2014, it was converted into an anthropology museum, where visitors are welcomed with local coffee, dates, and island souvenirs.

The Aristocratic House of Kish

The Aristocratic House Of Kish
The Aristocratic House of Kish

The Aristocratic House is located in the ancient city of Harireh and includes two northern and southern houses, with the northern part being larger. This historical building can accommodate several families and features star-shaped tiles, remnants of entrance platforms, and the ruins of a royal hall, indicating the wealth of its inhabitants. The presence of workshops, a mosque, a bathhouse, a port, a qanat, and a water cistern suggests a thriving and expansive lifestyle in ancient Harireh.

Underground City of Kariz

Kariz Underground City, Kish
Kariz Underground City, Kish

The Underground City of Kariz lies 16 meters below ground, where you can see fossils in its ceilings and walls, estimated to be 270 to 570 million years old. The water supply comes from an ancient aqueduct called the “2500-year-old aqueduct,” which has long provided fresh water to the island. This underground city, the only coral island in the world with a structure covered in shells and corals, is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The Ancient City of Harireh

Harireh Ancient City In Kish
Harireh Ancient City in Kish

The Ancient City of Harireh is a national monument of Iran, with a history dating back to the 5th to 10th centuries AH. This city flourished from the 4th to the 10th century and has been repeatedly studied by archaeologists.

The Greek Ship

The Greek Ship Of Kish Island
The Greek Ship of Kish Island

The Greek Ship in Kish is an iconic symbol of the island, especially at sunset, creating a stunning visual against the colors of the Persian Gulf‘s dusk. This ship ran aground near Baghou village in 1965 and was set ablaze after its cargo and passengers were unloaded to claim insurance.

Hoor Hut

Hoor Hut Beach, Kish
Hoor Hut Beach, Kish

Hoor Hut, located in a tourist area, features clear-water rocks where you can see marine life, shells, and turtles. It is known as the best place for diving and is attractive to nature lovers.

Beaches of Kish Island

Kish Island Beaches
Kish Island Beaches

Kish’s beaches, with their blue waters and coral sands, are among Iran’s top tourist destinations. Beaches like Marjan Beach, Kish Recreational Pier Beach, Coconut Beach, Mir Mahna Beach Park, Simorgh Beach Park, and Fisherman’s Beach offer calm, clear waters ideal for watching sunsets. Activities such as jet skiing, water skiing, paragliding, and local cuisine enhance the excitement and memorable experience of traveling to Kish.

Recreational Activities in Kish

Bird Garden Of Kish
Bird Garden of Kish

Kish Island is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Iran, offering diverse activities for tourists. Activities recommended during your trip to Kish include paintball, karting, zorbing, bumper cars, Kish Aquarium with its beauty and variety of underwater creatures, Horror Castle, Bird Garden, Kish Gyrocopter, safari, bungee jumping, Titan Observatory, and escape rooms.

Water Activities in Kish

Boating In Kish
Boating in Kish

Kish Island, with its diverse range of water activities, is a favorite destination for water enthusiasts. Those who love water sports can enjoy diving, shuttle rides, and underwater scooters. Additionally, flyboarding and banana boating provide an opportunity for thrilling water experiences. Parasailing, cable skiing, boating, and aquarium floats are suitable for enjoying speed and excitement on the water.

Shopping Centers in Kish

Pardis 2 Shopping Complex, Kish
Pardis 2 Shopping Complex, Kish

Kish’s fantastic shopping centers are a favorite destination for experiencing luxury shopping and finding a variety of quality products. Popular shopping centers include Morvarid Shopping Center, Marjan Shopping Center, Safin or Arab Bazaar, Pardis 1 and 2 Shopping Complex, Maryam Bazaar, Zeytoon Shopping Center, and many others. These shopping centers offer various products from clothing and accessories to food and household items, meeting the diverse needs of shoppers. Additionally, with stores featuring famous global brands, these shopping centers are destinations for buyers interested in luxurious and stylish products.

Getting to Kish

There are various ways to travel to Kish, but the easiest and fastest method is by airplane. The air distance from Tehran to Kish is about 1,043 kilometers, taking approximately 1 hour and 50 minutes by plane. Another option is to travel by private car via Bandar Charak or Bandar Aftab to Kish, which is about 1,300 kilometers and takes around 18 hours to reach Bandar Charak. The third option is to take a train from Tehran to Bandar Lengeh and then take a boat to Kish.

Getting To Kish Island
Getting to Kish Island

Festivals and Ceremonies in Kish

Every summer, several festivals are held on Kish Island, including night battles, musical and theatrical performances, joyful carnivals, and the awarding of cash and non-cash prizes. The people of the Persian Gulf maintain their cultural identity with their traditions and customs. One of the famous rituals is the Zar ceremony, accompanied by traditional dances and the sound of small and large drums. Additionally, ceremonies such as newborn celebrations, weddings, the birth of Imams, and Eid al-Ghadir are held on the island with special festivities and traditional songs.

Public Transportation in Kish

Kish International Airport

Kish International Airport
Kish International Airport

Kish Airport officially opened on October 29, 1977, marking significant advancements in Iran’s air transportation. Night flights began in 1994, and today, with 20 domestic and two international destinations (Muscat and Dubai), this airport is a major hub in regional air transportation, allowing quick access to Kish from any part of Iran.


Kish Island’s minibuses operate on two lines, with the first line having 13 stations and the second line having 42 stations, taking passengers to any point on the island. These transportation options make it easy for tourists to reach any destination on the island without needing a specific schedule.


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Kish Travel Guide: All You Need To Know


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Kish Travel Guide: All You Need To Know


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Kish Travel Guide: All You Need To Know


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Since the island lacks a metro or city buses, taxis are the primary mode of transportation. Kish’s taxis are often high-end and luxurious, available in two colors: yellow and white. Yellow taxis operate as shared taxis, while white taxis function as private and phone taxis.

Car Rentals

With the growth of tourism on Kish Island, car rental companies have started offering luxury and imported cars at various price ranges to tourists. For those traveling by plane without a personal vehicle, renting a car is an excellent option, and you can even rent a car with a driver to comfortably and confidently explore the island’s various tourist attractions.

Iran Tourist Card

Iran Tourist Card

Final Word

Overall, the travel guide to Kish is a valuable resource for those seeking a delightful and unforgettable experience on this beautiful island. With complete and comprehensive information provided in this guide, travelers can enjoy a comfortable and well-informed trip to Kish Island. This guide helps plan your trip, choose the best activities and attractions, and make the most of the facilities available during your stay on the island.

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