Gorgan Travel Guide: All You Need To Know

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A trip to Gorgan can be one of the best travel experiences for any Iranian. With the right travel guide and knowledge about Gorgan, you can maximize your enjoyment of this northern Iranian city. Gorgan offers a wide range of attractions for every budget, from luxurious trips to short, economical getaways. Join OrientTrips in this article for a brief yet comprehensive journey to Gorgan in Golestan Province.

Geographic Location of Gorgan

Gorgan City, Golestan Province, Iran
Gorgan City, Golestan Province, Iran

Gorgan is one of the northern cities of Iran and the capital of Golestan Province. The city comprises both mountainous and plain areas and receives relatively less rainfall compared to provinces like Gilan and Mazandaran. Gorgan boasts one of the most diverse climates, featuring various natural environments such as plains, deserts, rivers, mountains, and wetlands. The city also has extensive agricultural lands and a thriving farming industry.

Historically known as Esterabad and later Jorjan, the city was renamed Gorgan during the reign of Reza Shah Pahlavi. In this northeastern region of Golestan Province, diverse ethnic groups such as Sistanis, Turkmens, Sabzevaris, Kashmaris, Nishaburis, Azerbaijanis, and migrant Baluchis have lived. However, the original inhabitants of Gorgan are Mazandaranis and Katulis. When visiting Gorgan, you can acquaint yourself with the cultures of these various ethnic groups.

Best Time to Visit Gorgan

Visiting Gorgan In Golestan Province, Iran
Visiting Gorgan in Golestan Province, Iran

As previously mentioned, Gorgan has diverse climates, resulting in different weather patterns across the region. The eastern and northern parts of the province, adjacent to the Caspian Sea and the plains of Mazandaran, have a rainy and humid climate. Despite having less humidity and rainfall than Mazandaran, you can still experience considerable rain in Gorgan during spring and autumn. These two seasons are arguably the best times to visit Gorgan and enjoy its lush nature.


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Gorgan Travel Guide: All You Need To Know


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Gorgan Travel Guide: All You Need To Know


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Gorgan Travel Guide: All You Need To Know


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Visiting Gorgan in autumn can provide a unique atmosphere. By late September, the city cools down, losing its summer heat. As the weather gets cooler, locals hold many outdoor events and festivals. Thus, if you’re interested in Gorgan’s traditional events and celebrations, autumn is the best time to visit. Overall, you can find numerous attractions in Gorgan in any season.

How to Get to Gorgan

Gorgan Airport
Gorgan Airport (Photo By Wikipedia)

Gorgan is accessible by air, train, and bus, making it convenient to travel to this city by various means. Flights to Gorgan are available from cities such as Zahedan, Mashhad, Zabol, Chabahar, Bandar Abbas, Qeshm, Asaluyeh, Tehran, and Aktau in Kazakhstan. Upon arrival at Gorgan Airport, you can use airport taxis to reach any part of the city.

Iran Train Ticket

Another way to travel to Gorgan is by train. The city has a train station with services from Tehran and Sari. You can also travel to Gorgan by bus or personal car. To travel by bus, go to your local bus terminal and check for services to Gorgan. If you prefer to drive, you can reach Gorgan via the Haraz and Firouzkuh roads.

Best Hotels and Accommodations in Gorgan

When traveling to Gorgan, you can choose from luxury, mid-range, and budget hotels. If you plan to visit during spring or autumn, it’s advisable to book your accommodation in advance as many tourists visit Gorgan during these seasons, and hotels fill up quickly.


Iran Hotels

Some of the best luxury hotels in Gorgan include the 5-star Botanic Hotel located 10 kilometers on the Gorgan road, the 4-star Shahab Hotel in Nahar Khoran, and the 3-star Jahangardi Hotel in Nahar Khoran. These hotels are among the most luxurious and well-known in Gorgan, with nightly rates starting from 1 million tomans. For a more economical stay, the 2-star Pardis Apartment Hotel offers rooms starting from about 350,000 tomans per night.

Public Transportation in Gorgan

As previously mentioned, Gorgan can be accessed by air, train, bus, and personal car. But what about getting around the city itself? Unfortunately, Golestan Province and Gorgan do not have a metro system. However, there are public buses and taxis available. Despite the extensive bus routes making city access easier, taxis remain a popular mode of transportation due to their low fares. Moreover, taxis provide a quicker way to reach your destination.

Top Attractions in Gorgan

Jahan Nama Protected Area, Gorgan, Iran
Jahan Nama Protected Area, Gorgan, Iran

Gorgan’s diverse climate offers a wide range of natural attractions, including plains, mountains, and beautiful rivers. Some of the most beautiful natural attractions in Gorgan include Nahar Khoran Forest, Toskestan Forest, Sardan Sar Nature, Tushan Lake, Tavornar Mountains, Gorgan River, Jahan Nama Protected Area, Rango Waterfall, Ziarat Waterfall, and many more.

In addition to natural attractions, Gorgan also has numerous historical sites. During your visit, you can explore architecture from various Iranian dynasties. Notable historical attractions include the Great Wall of Gorgan, Jameh Mosque of Gorgan, Gorgan Palace Museum, Qazal Qayah Caravanserai, the Takavi House, and the Emadiyeh School.

Recreational Activities in Gorgan

Nahar Khoran Forest Park, Gorgan, Iran
Nahar Khoran Forest Park, Gorgan, Iran

One of the best and most well-known recreational areas in Gorgan is the Nahar Khoran Forest Park. Many tourists visit Gorgan annually just to see this area and enjoy its natural beauty. The park offers picnic spots, horse riding, an amusement park, restaurants, and cafes. If you want to spend a memorable day with your family in Gorgan’s nature, Nahar Khoran Forest Park is the best option.

In addition to nature excursions and historical site visits, Gorgan offers other recreational activities, including both indoor and outdoor amusement parks and numerous shopping centers. Visiting Gorgan in late September allows you to witness various traditional events and festivals, attracting many tourists, including foreigners.

Souvenirs from Gorgan

Jajim Weaving In Gorgan
Jajim Weaving in Gorgan

Like other Iranian cities, Gorgan offers a wide range of souvenirs, from food items to handicrafts. Some of the most delicious souvenirs you can get from Gorgan include Omaje Halva, gingerbread, date bread, Padrazei bread, Sarghebil, and Sheermal bread. If you visit Gorgan during traditional festivals, you can also buy local food from various ethnic groups.

Apart from food, you can buy many handicrafts as souvenirs from Gorgan. Popular handicrafts include Gorgan silk weaving, Turkmen carpets, and Jajim weaving. Traditional Gorgan jewelry is also very popular. These jewelry pieces, made primarily of silver and adorned with precious stones, have unique designs that are hard to find elsewhere.

Traditional Markets and Modern Shopping Centers in Gorgan

Nalbandan Traditional Market In Gorgan
Nalbandan Traditional Market in Gorgan

When traveling to Gorgan or any other city, one of the first and most popular places tourists want to visit is the shopping centers and traditional markets. Gorgan has many beautiful shopping centers that can keep visitors entertained for hours. Some of the best modern shopping centers in Gorgan include Tandis Shopping Center, Morsel Shopping Center, and Zartosht Mall. One of the most luxurious and well-equipped shopping centers in Gorgan, with facilities like a children’s play area, quality restaurants, and cafes, is Capri Shopping Center.

Although you can find many handicrafts and traditional items in modern shopping centers, they are often more expensive. Therefore, it’s better to visit traditional markets to buy souvenirs at a lower price and support local vendors. Some traditional markets in Gorgan include Nalbandan Traditional Market, Alavi Border Market, Bagheri House Handicrafts Market, and daily markets like the Saturday Market.

Which Gorgan Foods Should You Try?


During your trip to Gorgan, you must not miss the chance to taste the city’s traditional foods. Gorgan’s traditional cuisine and Golestan Province as a whole are among the most delicious and best in Iran. You can find various dishes, including different types of pilaf, a variety of soups, and stews. Visit one of the city’s traditional restaurants and try Gorgan’s traditional dishes to fall in love with their flavors and aromas.

Some of the most popular traditional foods in Gorgan include Chekdermeh, Mash Pilaf, Bastarmeh, Gorgan Pilaf, Terchelo, Turshi Pilaf, Heli Soup, Mash Soup, Tomato Soup, Gorgan Yogurt Soup, and Sak Stew. Light dishes such as various types of kuku (an Iranian frittata) are also available. Side dishes that you can order with your main course include zucchini borani and spinach borani. One of the most famous traditional dishes of Gorgan and Golestan Province is Akbar Joojeh, a dish that has gained popularity throughout Iran.

Best Restaurants in Gorgan

Emarat Restaurant, Gorgan
Emarat Restaurant, Gorgan

Now that we are familiar with Gorgan’s delicious traditional foods, let’s find out where to enjoy the best traditional meals in Gorgan. Gorgan has many luxurious and elegant restaurants, each known for a specific dish. One of the best restaurants in Gorgan, located on Nahar Khoran Boulevard, is Emarat Restaurant. This restaurant features a chic and elegant design, and its menu includes traditional foods, various kebabs, and seafood. It’s rare for customers to leave Emarat Restaurant unsatisfied. If you plan to visit Gorgan, don’t miss the food at this restaurant.

Another high-quality restaurant in Gorgan is located in Hirkan Paradise. In this restaurant, you can enjoy not only Gorgan’s traditional dishes but also traditional foods from other Iranian cities and a variety of Iranian and international kebabs. Also, if you’re in Gorgan, you should visit one of the Akbar Joojeh restaurants. The original taste of Akbar Joojeh in Gorgan is different from other cities in Iran and will surely captivate your attention.

Best Cafes in Gorgan

Café Miami, Gorgan
Café Miami, Gorgan

After enjoying a delicious meal at one of Gorgan’s best restaurants, it’s time for a hot cup of coffee. Gorgan has some of the best cafes you’ll ever visit. If you care about the quality of your drinks and desserts and the interior design and ambiance of the cafe, Café Miami is one of the best cafes in Gorgan for you.

Café Miami’s popularity is mainly due to its beautiful decor. However, the quality of its menu is also excellent and will impress you. Other beautiful and high-quality cafes in Gorgan include Café Penza, Café Piano, Café Fiore, Café Capri, and Café Delcook. One of the most luxurious cafes in Gorgan with a traditional and beautiful ambiance is Café Shahab, located in Shahab Hotel in Nahar Khoran, Gorgan. If you’re on Nahar Khoran Boulevard, don’t miss visiting Café Shahab.

Introducing Gorgan’s Neighborhoods

Gorgan'S Neighborhoods, Golestan Province
Gorgan’s Neighborhoods, Golestan Province

Like other Iranian cities, Gorgan has both luxury and regular neighborhoods. If you’re looking for luxury shopping centers and expensive entertainment, you should visit Gorgan’s upscale neighborhoods. Therefore, it is essential to be familiar with Gorgan’s neighborhoods. Some of the best neighborhoods in Gorgan, located in the southern part of the city, include Palace Square, Zibashahr, Minagol, Gelesher, Alimohammadi, Dohanyat, Nahar Khoran, Talari Town, and Edalat Street. Most luxury entertainments and expensive hotels in Gorgan are situated in these neighborhoods, and renting a house there is relatively high.

As you move towards the northern parts of Gorgan, the neighborhoods become more affordable and traditional. Zeytoun Town, Anjil Ab Town, Alghadir, Qazaq Town, and Erfan Town are among the northernmost and cheapest neighborhoods in Gorgan. If you are looking for local markets and affordable shopping in Gorgan, you can find good bazaars in these neighborhoods. Additionally, you can find many good budget hotels and hostels in the northern parts of Gorgan.

Essential Information for Traveling to Gorgan

Now that we are familiar with most parts of Gorgan, we should also know some essential information for traveling to Gorgan. The following table provides all the necessary information for your trip to Gorgan.

City Area Code0171
Travel MethodsAirplane, Train, Bus, Private Car
Average Annual Temperature17°C
Best Travel TimeSpring and Autumn
Travel Time by Car from TehranAbout 6 hours
Flight Time from TehranAbout 1 hour
Train Travel Time from TehranAbout 10 hours

If you are traveling to this city in spring or autumn, it is essential to book your desired hotel in advance as Gorgan is crowded with tourists during these seasons, and hotels and accommodations fill up quickly. The safest and most convenient way to get around Gorgan is by using the city’s yellow taxis. Taxi fares in Gorgan are much lower than in other major cities like Tehran.

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