The Persian Gulf islands, paradise found in south Iran

Welcome to the Persian Gulf islands, located south of Iran, where you can touch a piece of paradise on the earth. Settled in the deep blue of the Persian Gulf, Iran offers many breathtaking islands which are the best places to be experienced.

Persian Gulf Islands, Hormoz
Hormoz Island

Surfing the south of Iran, with elect culture and customs makes incredible adventure for visitors.

Iran boasts of its captivating islands and is awaiting enthusiastic travelers. Join us and dive into Iran’s south islands.

From high–spirited Kish Island with its remark hotels and markets to the tranquil Hengam Island known for enchanting and brilliant stones, Iran islands show unique characteristics.  If you hesitate to take your destination to the south of Iran, here is a tip for you.

Qeshm Island, Huge As a Sea!

Qeshm Island while seated in the Hormazgan province, carrying proudly, the name of the largest island in Iran.

The diamond of the Persian Gulf is a rare collection of rocky shores, historical sightseeing, archeological heritage and so many attractions that you have never seen alike!

With a surface area of 1491 Sqm, Qeshm is the biggest residential island in the world. Qeshm also hosts a port and free zone and has a vital role in the Middle East. Beyond all, we can’t ignore the treasure of attraction on this island.

Valley Of Stars

The Valley of the Stars is one of the most spectacular natural spots on Qeshm Island. It features a series of eloquent ravines that were organized over centuries by corrosion.

Persian Gulf Islands, Qeshm
Valley Of Stars, Located At Qeshm Island

The Valley of the Stars is a unique illustration among all sites. There are beliefs regarding the presence of ghosts there during the dark, then if you plan to stay at night, just be brave.:)

Namakdan Salt Cave

Namakdan Salt Cave With a length of 6.58km is the longest salt cave in the world.

The cave was filled with salt running water, fragile salt sculptures, and huge salt domes.

There are numerous salt crystals in various colors, pink, purple, blue, and red. Just walk on them and feel pure and soft minerals.

Chahkhooneh Canyon

Surrounded by huge cliffs and majestic views, is awaiting adventurous tourists. 

Kish Island, the Pearl of the Persian Gulf

The pearl of the Persian Gulf, a free trade zone, a recreational site, and the best holiday resort all are Kish Island’s definition.

Kish Island
You Can Walk For Hours On The Beach And Enjoy The Wind Of The Ocean

With incomparable stunning beaches, Kish Island is a captivating attraction located in the south of Iran. In recent years the Island developed well and improved its residential and shopping services so that many tourists just come to Kish to recreate their soul and pick some remarkable well–known brands.

Orienttrips Booking

Book Hotel in Kish Island

Find the below suggestion when you get to Kish.

Greek Ship

Greek ship ran aground in 1966. The dreamy picture of this ship with the vivid view of sunrise is a must – to – do on your checklist.

Greek Ship, Kish Island
Greek Shipwreck, Kish Island

Kish Dolphin Park

Have you ever thought about touching a Dolphin? Here your dreams come true. Just reach Kish Dolphin Park and take a photo with naughty dolphins and send it to your friends.


Kariz–Kish Pathway is seated at a depth of 14 meters with a length of about 15 kilometers. Its Tunnels and wells show the ancient engineering in Iran. 

Kariz Underground, Kish Island
Kariz Underground Pathway

Ocean Water Park

Want to have some fun and various water activities? Then don’t miss the ocean water park and try diving, surfing, water skiing and many more.

Hormuz Island, Red as a Heart!

Hormuz Island is the other one of the Persian Gulf Islets settled in Hormozgan province.  The islet contains an area of about 42 km.

Hormuz Island is famous for its occasional red soil, which is a stunning magnet for visitors around the Earth.

Hormoz Island
Hormoz Island, Persian Gulf

Hormuz Island is called for tourists to discover its rocky volcanoes and unexampled natural scenery.

Hormuz proposes eye-catching views of the Persian Gulf, So that; you can’t get enough of watching it.

Don’t miss following magnetism in Hormuz Island.

Rainbow Valley

Rainbow Valley, known as Darreh – ye Rangin – Kaman, is famous for its amazing colorful shades of minerals which create stellar beauties. The minerals are black, yellow, white, blue, red, and many more colors. This place is a treasure for geological studies.

Red Beach

Red Beach of Hormuz Island attracts every travel lover for its vibrant red wave of sea and red beach. Red oxide soil of the Mountains, make the beach and water to be red. The imagination of walking during the sunrise along with the red beach, design unforgettable memories on your mind.

Hormoz Island, Persian Gulf
Red Beach Of Hormoz Island

Harra Forest

The Harra Forest is a protected forest, situated in the northwestern of Hormozgan province and is a part of Qeshm Island; ecological features of this area make it an international area for researchers and natural resources lovers.

The Harra Forest is a host of diverse species of animals and plants. The density of the plants is in such a way that a surface of water may be seen from the above.

The forest offers a habitat for many bird species, especially during the cold months some kinds of birds immigrate to this forest which are welcomed by the area.

Hengam Island, Home Of Dolphins

2 km southeast of Qeshm island and located in Hormozgan province you can find Hengam Island. Hengam is tranquil; you hardly ever see a car during the day.

The Island still saves its literal and traditional context. People are warm and open arms to the guests. Fishing and making hand-wrought products are the main profitable activities.

Hengam Island, Located South East Of Qeshm
Hengam Island

Don’t forget to visit traditional shops and bazaars on the island and buy remembrance. Hengam has a small population which you can see them on the costumes and original clothes.

The island’s natural beauties, beaches with crystal-clear waters, mother and daughter statue, and rich marine biodiversity make it an ideal destination for nature lovers and those seeking tranquility by the sea.

It’s highly recommended to take a boat tour and visit the island, touching local places with that unique nature, causes opportunity you’ve never had before. Try to walk on the silver beaches and enjoy the sunshine.

Dolphins At Hengam Island
You Can Watch Dolphines Close To Hengam Island

Believe it or not, but you can see playful dolphins that came close to the beach. Also, some boat tours carry visitors to see dolphins far from the beach.

The Persian Gulf islands are a treasury collection of beauties for any adventure. Come and see and make your travel diary precious.

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