10 Top Places to Visit in Yazd 

A Journey Through the Heart of Iran's Ancient City

Yazd, an ancient city in Iran with a history of 5,000 years, is situated in the heart of the country on the Iranian plateau. Renowned for its adobe architecture, Yazd is also known by various other names such as the city of windcatchers and the city of bicycles. The city experiences a tropical climate characterized by extremely low precipitation throughout the year. Due to its hot and desert climate, the residents of Yazd traditionally constructed windcatchers on the rooftops of their houses. These windcatchers served as a means of natural air conditioning, converting the hot air into coolness. Even today, Yazd is still referred to as the city of winds.

Despite maintaining its historic charm in many parts, Yazd continues to captivate all who lay eyes upon it. As the first ancient and historical city in Iran, Yazd holds the prestigious distinction of being registered in UNESCO. For those unfamiliar with the city’s attractions, it is advisable to acquaint oneself with the top 10 places to visit in Yazd prior to embarking on a journey there.

Yazd Grand Mosque

Yazd Grand Mosque, Iran
Yazd Grand Mosque, Iran (photo by Islamic Architectural Heritage)

Located in Yazd, Iran, is renowned for its stunning Iranian-Islamic architecture. It stands out among other mosques and buildings due to its majestic minarets. The intricate design and captivating beauty of both the exterior and interior of this mosque are truly remarkable. What sets the Grand Mosque apart is its unique way of allowing light to enter the building. The dome and walls are constructed with white plaster, which reflects light and creates an indirect source of illumination. The Jamé Mosque‘s ceiling and Mihrab are crafted using plaster of pargets and Moqarans, while the mosque is adorned with tiles featuring exquisite floral and plant designs.

Daulat Abad Garden

Dowlat Abad Garden, Yazd, Iran
Dowlat Abad Garden, Yazd, Iran

Located in Yazd, is renowned worldwide as a popular tourist destination. This exquisite garden boasts a rich history of 260 years and stands as a remarkable example of Iranian gardens. Despite Yazd’s arid climate, this garden’s establishment centuries ago reflects the Iranians’ profound appreciation for lush greenery and the beauty of nature.

Within the premises of Daulat Abad Garden, visitors can marvel at a magnificent two-story mansion, showcasing the distinctive architectural style of Iran. Additionally, this garden proudly houses the tallest windmill in the world. Nestled amidst the enchanting landscape, a grand pond is surrounded by ancient, towering trees, creating a serene and picturesque ambiance.

Yazd Water Museum

Yazd Water Museum
Yazd Water Museum (photo by Wikimedia Commons)

The Yazd Water Museum, also known as the Khaneh – ye Kolahdouz is a renowned and prominent structure in Yazd.

This remarkable house consists of five floors, with an intriguing aspect being that three of these floors are located underground. Within the museum, various artifacts and equipment related to water distribution, storage containers, and water transportation are preserved. Additionally, visitors can admire clay replicas of Yazd city and its significant buildings displayed within the museum.

The Kolahdooz house, commissioned by the late Haj Seyed Ali Akbar Kolahdouz, a prominent merchant during the Qajar era in 1266 AD, was constructed on a vast land measuring 720 square meters.

The Historical Art House of Yazd

Historical Art House Of Yazd, Iran
Historical Art House of Yazd, Iran (photo by Wikipedia)

Is situated in the Fahaadaan area, alongside other notable attractions in Yazd like the Ziyaiyeh School and the Lariha House . It is worth mentioning that this building holds significant historical value as it has been home to four generations of the Malekzadeh family.

Visitors to the Art House of Yazd can indulge in the delightful experience of the Art Cafe of Yazd, where they can savor the authentic beverages of Yazd. Additionally, there are souvenir shops available within the premises, allowing visitors to take home a piece of the rich cultural heritage of Yazd.

Coppersmith Bazaar

Coppersmith Bazaar In Yazd
Coppersmith Bazaar in Yazd (photo by Wikimedia Commons)

Coppersmith Bazaar stands as a bustling destination in Yazd, renowned for its vibrant atmosphere. This market, listed as a national monument of Iran and boasting a remarkable history of 600 years, continues to thrive. Within its walls, visitors can discover an array of exquisite handicrafts, particularly copper items, showcasing the finest craftsmanship of Yazd.

Kharanaq Village

Kharanaq Village, Yazd, Iran
Kharanaq Village, Yazd, Iran (photo by Wikipedia)

Situated approximately 85 km away from Yazd city, is a remarkable destination to explore. Not only does it boast exceptional beauty, but it also holds great significance due to its abundant mines. The village offers a pleasantly cooler climate compared to Yazd, attracting not only Iranians but also numerous tourists who visit Yazd annually to witness the charm of this village.

Aqazadeh House

Aqazadeh House In Yazd
Aqazadeh House in Yazd (photo by Wikimedia Commons)

The Aghazadeh house is renowned as a prominent attraction and a prime example of traditional and historic architecture in Yazd city. Notably, the house boasts two-story windcatchers, which lend it a distinctive charm. Constructed primarily with wood and clay, this house also offers additional amenities to the public, including a restaurant, coffee shop, bathroom, and free internet access. If you have a penchant for exploring ancient dwellings, be sure to include a visit to the Aghazadeh house on your itinerary when traveling to Yazd.

Lariha House

Lariha House In Yazd
Lariha House in Yazd

The Lari house, which dates back to the Qajar era, stands as a testament to its survival. Originally constructed by a merchant who migrated from Lar city to Yazd, this mansion showcases the distinctive architectural style of the Qajar period. Within its walls, one can witness the essence of old and historical Iranian houses, adorned with intricate mirror work, plastering, and colored glass. These elements have transformed Lari’s house into a captivating and exquisite structure. Comprising of two courtyards, a cellar, and a wind farm, this remarkable mansion encompasses a total of 6 houses and 22 rooms.

Time Square 

Time Square Of Yazd City
Time Square of Yazd City

Yazd’s Sa’at Square, also known as Waqt al-Sa’at Square, stands as a historic gem in the city. This square proudly houses the first ever city clocks that were constructed. The Yazd Clock Tower, an adobe tower with a rectangular cube design, graces the skyline. At its pinnacle, a grand clock stands tall, a testament to its construction during the Qajar era. Despite the passage of time, this remarkable timepiece continues to function flawlessly, serving as an enduring symbol of Yazd’s rich heritage.

The Mirror Palace Museum

Mirror Palace Museum Of Yazd, Iran
Mirror Palace Museum of Yazd, Iran

The Mirror Palace Museum which was established in 1377, is widely regarded as a national treasure of Iran. This remarkable museum showcases an exquisite collection of decorations crafted entirely from mirrors and glass. Undoubtedly, the Qasr Museum stands as one of the most captivating museums in Iran Spanning an impressive 8,000 square meters, the museum boasts a central pond that adds to its enchanting ambiance. Located within the garden lies a grand mansion, serving as the home of the Yazd Mirror Palace Museum . A visit to this museum is an absolute must when exploring Yazd, as it offers an unforgettable experience that should not be overlooked.

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