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Experience Kashan's Allure with Top 5 Must-See Destinations

Kashan, located in Isfahan province, is a captivating city with a rich historical background. Its beauty is a testament to its connection with Isfahan. With a history spanning 7000 years, Kashan boasts an impressive collection of 1700 registered national monuments. Known as the city of flowers and perfume, it is renowned for producing the highest quantity of Gol-e Mohammadi in the country. Furthermore, Kashan holds the distinction of being the birthplace of the esteemed contemporary poet and painter, Sohrab Sepehri. There are many attractions in Kashan, before traveling to this city, making a list of its sights can be effective in having a planned trip.

As mentioned earlier Kashan hosts many attractions, maybe the fin bath is the most known where Amir Kabir was murdered. in spite of fin there are many sights in Kashan, most of them have been registered in national monuments list. Also, Kashan located near Isfahan province and it causes impotence to it.

In this writing we will name 5 top places to visit in Kashan.

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Fin garden and bath (Bagh-e Fin, Hamam-e Fin)

Fin Garden, Kashan, Iran
Fin garden, Kashan, Iran

Fin Kashan Garden is a remarkable and historically significant garden in Iran. It is one of the nine Iranian gardens that have been recognized by UNESCO. Among its various sections, the Fin Kashan Bath holds particular importance. Spanning an impressive area of approximately 33,799 square meters, Fin Garden serves as a splendid representation of an Iranian garden. Situated in the Fin neighborhood, this garden was once abundant with subterranean water sources. Today, it features enchanting ponds and waterways that are fed by underground springs. The construction of Fin Garden is attributed to the Ilkhanid period, and it has undergone renovations and enhancements in subsequent eras.

In 1314, Bagh-e Fin was officially recognized and added to the national monuments list during the Pahlavi era. The garden of Fin primarily consists of a pond, waterway, and fountain, which are its main features.

Additionally, within this garden lies Fin’s bath, which holds significant historical value and serves as a prominent attraction in Kashan. The bath of Fin is particularly renowned as the site where Amir Kabir met his unfortunate demise.

The bath of Fin is divided into two sections, namely a spacious main bath and a smaller bath.

Kashan Grand Mosque

Kashan Grand Mosque
Kashan Grand Mosque

The Kashan Grand Mosque, believed to be the oldest historical structure in the city, is thought to have originated during the Al-e Boyeh era. Over the years, this mosque has undergone several renovations. However, the most significant damage it endured was caused by an earthquake in 1192. Following this catastrophic event, Karimkhan Zand took charge of rebuilding the Kashan Grand Mosque. Initially, it served as a venue for Friday prayers in Kashan. The mosque’s dome is constructed using bricks, and it encompasses a spacious courtyard, two chapels, and a central house pond.

Boroujerdi’s House

Boroujerdi’s House, Kashan, Iran
Boroujerdi’s House, Kashan, Iran

The residence of Boroujerdi is situated on Alavi street within the Sultan Amir Ahmed historical neighborhood. Originally owned by a businessman who had business connections with the Boroujerdi’s people, this house acquired its name due to this association. Even today, this house remains a prominent tourist destination in Kashan. The captivating architecture and intricate decorations incorporated in its construction contribute to the beauty of the Borujerdi house.

Boroujerdi house includes 2 parts, outer and inner.

The outer section comprises a spacious courtyard at its heart, flanked by buildings on either side. Within this section, you will find various areas such as the winter and summer rooms, the entrance hall, the windbreaks, and the covered hall with a skylight.

The Boroujerdi’s house is divided into two sections, namely the north and south. Within the northern section of the grand residence, there is a living room, a backyard, a room with five modest doors, a chest, and a spacious basement or cellar.

On the other hand, the southern section boasts a central courtyard, a reception hall, and two adjacent rooms that are symmetrically positioned on either side of the hall, with their entrances facing towards the hall.

The National Museum of Kashan

The National Museum Of Kashan
The National Museum of Kashan

The National Museum of Kashan, constructed in 1205 AD by Fath Ali Shah’s son-in-law near Bagh-e Fin Kashan, underwent reconstruction in 1337 and was officially inaugurated in 1346. It stands as a significant national treasure of Iran, housing over 400 artifacts. This two-story museum showcases both ancient and contemporary exhibits, featuring a dome-shaped roof, a characteristic of many Iranian historical structures, with four skylights (Noorgir) positioned beneath the domes. The museum’s inscriptions provide a detailed account of its rich history.

Niyaser Waterfall

Niyaser Waterfall, Kashan, Iran
Niyaser Waterfall, Kashan, Iran

Niyaser waterfall, located in Kashan, is yet another captivating natural wonder. The origin of this waterfall can be traced back to a spring known as Eskandariyeh Hall. The water cascades down towards the Niyaser plains, resulting in the creation of lush and picturesque landscapes. The rocks and stones in this region are predominantly sedimentary and limestone in nature. Additionally, this area is home to a variety of medicinal plants, and seeking assistance from the locals is advisable when utilizing them. Niyaser waterfall stands as a popular destination for tourists seeking to unwind and enjoy their vacations in the enchanting city of Kashan.

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Final Words

Kashan is one of the historical cities in Iran, it features many attractive places which make many tourists enthusiastic to travel to Iran and touch this city. Kashan boasts many attractions such as fin garden and fin bath, Niyaser waterfall, national museum and many more.

Is Kashan considered to be one of the provinces in Iran?

No. Kashan is a city, belongs to Isfahan province.

What is the significance of fin bath in Iran?

The bath of Fin is particularly renowned as the site where Amir Kabir met his unfortunate demise.

Which poet was buried in Kashan city?

Sohrab Sepehri is the poet who buries in Kashan city.

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