Mashhad: Iran’s Holiest City and Imam Reza Shrine

Explore The Holiest City Of Iran

Mashhad has many places to visit. If you are traveling to Iran and you have heard of Mashhad, here you can gain some insights about this city. Considered the holiest city in Iran, Mashhad has a lot to offer. From the Imam Reza shrine which is the main attraction of the city to various bazaars and historical places, this city keeps giving. Because of the presence of Imam Reza Shrine in Mashhad, it is a great place for religious people who are willing to visit this shrine all throughout the year. Therefore, this city attracts many visitors each year who come to experience the atmosphere and enjoy what this city has to offer.

The Imam Reza Shrine

The Imam Reza Shrine is located in the middle of the city. Throughout time, the city was built and extended around the shrine, making the shrine the heart of the city. It is notable that the Imam Reza Shrine is considered to be the world’s biggest shrine! The fact that it has such an enormous area that includes the shrine and its surrounding buildings, makes it the biggest religious complex in the world. Visitors are surprised when they visit this shrine. The main reason is that there are many more famous and historical buildings in this complex. Different prayer halls, museums, dining halls, libraries, and The Goharshad Mosque are all within the Shrines complex.

Imam Reza Shrine
Imam Reza Shrine, Mashhad City

Another thing that amazes tourists and people who get to visit Mashhad and Imam Reza Shrine is the famous seven courtyards. The shrine itself is surrounded by seven courtyards and each of them is named after a famous religious person. This adds to the magnificence of the shrine which makes it one of the most important architectural achievements in Iran. The history of the Shrine itself goes back to the 9th century when it was built and then preserved until today. Among all of this history and culture, there is a ceremony that is held yearly at the Shrine complex. Dust clearing is a ceremony that is held in the shrine complex and it demonstrates the workers clearing dust with special feather dusters. It can be enjoyed at specific times during the year when this ceremony is held.


The Imam Reza Shrine is where Imam Reza is buried. Imam Reza allegedly died in 818 after he was tortured by the governor at the time. Then he was buried at a place in Mashhad that afterwards became the Shrine of Imam Reza. It happened at the end of the 9th century when the main dome of the shrine was first built on top of the burial ground. In the next decades and centuries, the area surrounding the tomb was built and expanded. As time went by, many bazaars were built around the shrine’s complex, in order to satisfy the needs of all the visitors and tourists who were visiting the shrine.

Mashhad City
Mashhad Is The Holiest City Of Iran, Attracting Many Tourists Yearly From All Over The World

This is why we can find some of the oldest and most gorgeous bazaars around the shrine. They were built in different time periods and have observed their identity until now. These bazaars have a very specific architecture that represents the era they were built in. From jewelry and saffron to perfumes and souvenirs, you can find all sorts of souvenirs and treats in these bazaars.


Besides the Imam Reza Shrine, Mashhad has other attractions to offer. From various parks and bazaars to museums and historical places, you can gain great experience visiting Mashhad. Here is a short list of other attractions that you can take a look at while visiting Mashhad:

Kooh Sangi Park

If you are in the mood for taking a stroll in the second largest park in Mashhad, here is the place. This park has a lot to offer. You can visit the large playground, walk in the alleys of this park, or even hike up the mountain to the top of it and get a good view of the park.

Mashhad, Kooh Sangi Park
Kooh Sangi Park, Mashhad City

A great museum is located on one side of the park that showcases many historical statues and handicrafts. There is also an entertainment center for adults and children.

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Darougheh House

Welcome to one of the best historical buildings in Iran. This marvel of a building encompasses beautiful architecture that is a mixture of Russian and Iranian design. This massive mansion has an incredible pond in front of the main building that is surrounded by astonishing gardens. Many tourists visit this historical house in different seasons, but the best time to visit is at the end of spring.

Darougheh House, Mashhad City
Darougheh House, Mashhad

Tomb Of Ferdowsi

Undoubtedly, one of the greatest poets of all time, the burial ground of this poet is close to Mashhad, the birthplace of Ferdowsi. He is one of the poets who helped in the perseverance of the Persian language. His poem book is called Shahnameh, which he worked for at least 30 years to complete. This touristy spot is filled with beautiful cafes and restaurants where you can get a refreshing cup of coffee during your visit.

Tomb Of Ferdowsi, Mashhad
The Tomb Of Poet Ferdowsi Locate At Mashhad City

Goharshad Mosque

Located in the area of Imam Reza Shrine, this beautiful mosque is truly a piece of Iranian architecture that was built in the 8th century. This place is a must-see if you get a chance to visit Mashhad and The Imam Reza Shrine. The specific architecture and the coloring of the tiles that are used in this mosque are one of a kind.

Goharshad Mosque
Goharshad Mosque, Located At Mashhad

Mashhad is a city that has a lot to offer. It is considered the holiest city in Iran and includes many attractions and places to take a look at. The best time to visit Mashhad is at the beginning of autumn as the leaves color the city streets and the weather becomes cool and windy. All of the attractions that are mentioned above are great places that can keep you busy while traveling to Mashhad. Make sure to pack your bags, because you are about to have some fun!

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