Explore Tehran’s Top 14 Shopping Centers

Discover Tehran's Retail Gems: Top 10 Shopping Destinations

Tehran, the dynamic and ever-evolving capital of Iran, has witnessed a remarkable transformation in its shopping landscape. Gone are the days of quaint shopping centers; today, the city boasts an array of modern malls and shopping complexes. In this article, we delve into the top 14 shopping destinations Tehran has to offer, each with its distinctive character and offerings.

1.  Palladium Shopping Center


Palladium is a sprawling shopping center in northern Tehran, offering an extravagant shopping experience. Here, you can indulge in retail therapy, partake in entertainment options, and savor delectable meals at its upscale restaurants and cafes. Palladium is home to an impressive roster of renowned brands, although it comes with a luxurious price tag. For a more relaxed visit, it’s advisable to arrive in the morning and avoid the evening and weekend crowds. Additionally, it’s conveniently situated near Tajrish market and Saadabad Palace, making it an ideal stop during your city explorations.

Address: Ardabili Moghaddis St., not far from A. Square

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2. Arg Shopping Centre


Arg Shopping Centre, a five-story shopping center, offers a haven for shoppers seeking top-notch brands in perfumes, clothing, shoes, cosmetics, and jewelry. After an excursion to Tajrish Square, take a break at this mall’s cozy rooftop cafe. Don’t miss the chance to dine at Bam Sabz Arg restaurant located in the vicinity.

Address: North of Tajrish Square, Saad Abad St.

 Arg Shopping Centre on Google Maps

3. Rosha Shopping Center


Rosha Shopping Center in Farmaniye boasts a unique design where stores seamlessly blend into each other. As you stroll through the mall, you’ll find everything from cosmetics and beauty stores to Hyperstar, food courts, and clothing outlets. It’s a one-stop destination for all your shopping needs.

Address: Niavaran, intersection of Ammar and Farmaniye streets

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4. Vanak Shopping Center

Explore Tehran'S Top 14 Shopping Centers

While Tehran’s shopping landscape evolves, Vanak Shopping Center remains a steadfast option for those seeking elegant attire. This center predominantly features dress and cloak shops, but the surrounding area also offers additional shopping opportunities.

Address: Vanak Square, Karutjarat St.

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5. Sam Center


Sam Center, located on Fereshte Street, is synonymous with luxury shopping in Tehran. While it houses many famous brands, it is equally renowned for its cafe and restaurant scene, making it a popular hangout spot.

Address: Elahia, Fereshte St.

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6. Tiraje Shopping Center 2


If you find yourself in the southern part of the city, Tiraje Shopping Center 2 on Shahid Madani Street is a must-visit. This five-story mall offers a wide range of products, including bags, shoes, clothes, and coats. It sets itself apart with a Hyperstar, a food court, and a playhouse for children, ensuring a fun-filled day of shopping.

Address: Imam Ali highway, Madani exit, next to Madani metro

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7. Bamland Shopping Center


For a shopping adventure unlike any other, head to Bamland, situated a bit away from the city center, near Chitgar artificial lake. Here, shops, restaurants, and cafes dot an open area facing the lake, allowing you to enjoy a leisurely stroll, feed the birds, and return indoors when you’re ready to explore more shops.

Address: Shaheed Hemet Highway

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8. Iran Mall


Adjacent to Bamland, Iran Mall stands as the largest shopping center in the Middle East, spanning 32 hectares. Prepare for an extensive exploration of both traditional and modern sections, featuring Hyperstar, an entertainment center, a skating rink, traditional bazaars, Iranian gardens, a book garden, an amusement park, car showrooms, and various entertainment facilities.

Address: Tehran, Shahid Kharazi highway, Near Chitgar Lake

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9. Bahar Street

Bahar Shopping Center
Bahar Shopping Center

Bahar Street is a haven for baby and children’s clothing. You’ll find an extensive array of clothing shops, toys, and books, making it a go-to destination for all things related to children.

Address: Tehran, Bahar Street

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10. Opal Shopping Center


Opal Shopping Center spans over 7,000 square meters and features 23 floors, with 9 of them located underground. This shopping center offers a wide range of products, including household appliances, gold, a watch market, bridal wear, evening gowns, groom attire, mirrors, candle holders, a clothing market, new fashion items, smartphones, computers, laptops, computer games, and audiovisual equipment.

Opal Shopping Center has become a popular destination for shopping enthusiasts and mall-goers in West Tehran, thanks to its diverse product offerings and a selection of luxurious and attractive stores. The complex includes a cinema, bowling and billiards hall, food court, upscale restaurants serving delicious cuisine, private “father and child” and “mother and child” rooms, a car wash, a hypermarket, and a seven-story parking facility, among other amenities.

Address: Tehran, Shahrak Gharb, Farahzadi Boulevard, Ketab Square

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11. Melal Boutique Mall


Melal Boutique Mall, located on Farahzadi Street, one of Tehran’s most luxurious avenues, stands out as a beacon of opulence amidst the city’s shopping centers. With its modern architecture and captivating facade, this mall offers a tantalizing experience. To visit this retail gem, you either need a penchant for high-end shopping or simply want to immerse yourself in the glamour of its boutiques and enchanting window displays.

Address: Farahzadi Street, Tehran

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12. Zaferanieh Plaza Shopping Center


If you’re in search of high-end local and international brands, along with authentic products, Zaferanieh Plaza Shopping Center is the ideal choice. However, if you’re on a tight budget, you might find it challenging to leave this shopping complex without indulging. With three floors, 40 commercial units, and a parking facility accommodating 210 cars, parking woes are the least of your concerns here. Zaferanieh Plaza offers a comprehensive shopping experience, covering clothing, bags, shoes, household and kitchen items, sports equipment, watches, and even a delightful cafe and confectionery for a well-rounded visit.

Address: Zaferanieh Plaza Shopping Center, Tehran

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13. Modern Elahieh Shopping Center


Modern Elahieh Shopping Center, housed in an 11-story building at the end of Africa Boulevard (Jordan), is a retail haven. While only two floors are dedicated to clothing stores, the rest offer a variety of goods, including perfumes, watches, cosmetics, sports equipment, and handmade chocolates. Brands like Stefano Ricci, Lamborghini De Paris, Mont Carlo, Valentino, and Promod showcase their products here. Recently opened on the fifth floor is the Royal section, featuring boutiques, jewelry shops, a cozy cafe, and a luxurious restaurant with an inviting ambiance. Visitors can relax in the shopping center’s restaurants and cafes, and ample parking with 175 spaces makes finding a spot in the Jordan area a breeze.

Address: Modern Elahieh Shopping Center, Africa Boulevard, Tehran

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14. Almas Iran Shopping Center


This grand shopping center in the northeast of Tehran is among the city’s luxury destinations. If budget constraints aren’t a concern and you seek luxurious and high-quality goods, Iran Almas  Shopping Center is a top choice. With a myriad of shops offering renowned brands like Adidas, Bershka, Montblanc, Benton, Gap, Sisley, Mango, and upscale watch stores, this shopping haven caters to all your high-end desires.

The surrounding outdoor area of this shopping center is filled with restaurants and cafes, and it also features a spacious supermarket. Additionally, the center boasts an ample parking area to accommodate the needs of visitors.

Address: Iran Almas Shopping Center, Tehran

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Each of these shopping destinations offers a unique experience, making Tehran a vibrant and exciting city for retail therapy and leisurely exploration.

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