Best Places to Visit in Tabriz

Tabriz's Must-Visit Attractions

Tabriz has consistently held a prominent position among the most significant cities in Iran. This city, situated in the northwest region of Iran, has experienced numerous fluctuations and has played a crucial role in shaping the country’s history. With a rich historical and religious heritage, Tabriz takes great pride in its past. If you are considering a visit to Iran, make sure to read Traveling to Tabriz, Uncovering the Rich History of Northwest Iran and this article until the end for valuable information about this remarkable city.

As previously mentioned, Tabriz boasts numerous attractions that are simply too many to count. Therefore, it is advisable to create a comprehensive list of Best Places to Visit in Tabriz prior to your journey in order to ensure a well-organized and enjoyable trip.

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Blue Mosque

Blue Mosque, Tabriz, Iran
Blue Mosque, Tabriz, Iran

The renowned historical landmark in Tabriz, known as the Blue Mosque, boasts a remarkable 600-year-old legacy. Its exquisite Islamic architecture is accentuated by the presence of vibrant turquoise tiles and intricate mosaic designs adorning various sections of the mosque. Notably, the distinctive feature that sets this mosque apart is the extensive use of these captivating turquoise tiles, which have earned it the name “Blue Mosque.” As the sole surviving structure from the Qaraqoyunlu (قره‌قویونلوها) era, the Blue Mosque proudly stands on Imam Khomeini Street, serving as a testament to the city’s rich history.


Mausoleum Of Poets In Tabriz
Mausoleum of Poets in Tabriz

During your visit to Tabriz, make sure to explore the Tomb of the Poets (Maqbaratoshoara) if you have a keen interest in poetry and poets. This historical site has a rich history that spans over 800 years and has unfortunately suffered damage multiple times due to natural calamities like earthquakes. Within its grounds, lie the final resting place of over 400 renowned figures from the realms of art and literature, including Shahriyar, Khaghani Shervani, and Asadi Toosi.

The Clock Tower

Clock Tower Of Tabriz
Clock Tower of Tabriz

The clock tower, situated at the heart of Tabriz, is Constructed by German architects in 1314, it was formally unveiled in 1318.

Adorning all four sides of the tower are clock faces that chime the time every quarter of an hour. Within this museum-like structure, visitors can explore a collection of ancient artifacts, including carpets and opulent, high-end automobiles.

El Goli Park

El Goli Park, Tabriz
El Goli Park, Tabriz

El Goli Park is a popular and enchanting destination in Tabriz, offering a delightful experience for visitors. Locals and tourists alike flock to this park to enjoy leisurely walks and refreshing nature in the afternoon. The park boasts lush green spaces, breathtaking natural surroundings, and a picturesque lake at its center, providing the perfect backdrop for creating cherished memories of Tabriz.

Within El Goli Park, you will find El Goli Mansion, an impressive octagonal structure spanning two floors. This architectural gem not only adds to the park’s allure but also offers an opportunity to savor the delectable local cuisine of Tabriz.

Parvin Etesami House

Parvin Etesami House In Tabriz
Parvin Etesami House in Tabriz

Furthermore, Tabriz preserves the legacy of poets and artists beyond the Maqbaratoshoara, serving as a gathering place for literary enthusiasts. Among these cherished landmarks is the birthplace of Parvin Etesami, a prominent contemporary poet from Iran. Situated in Tabriz, this house holds historical significance as it dates back to the early years of the first Pahlavi era. Spanning approximately 1,300m, the house boasts a spacious and delightful courtyard. As you explore the various sections of the house, you will come across the instruments that played a vital role in shaping the poet’s life.

Azerbayjan Museum

Azerbaijan Museum, Tabriz, Iran
Azerbaijan Museum, Tabriz, Iran (photo by Wikipedia)

The Azerbaijan Museum, the other case to sit in Best Places to Visit in Tabriz and the second archaeological museum in Azerbaijan, showcases a wide range of historical and artistic artifacts from both the pre-Islamic and Islamic periods. Situated close to the Blue Mosque, visitors have the opportunity to explore both landmarks. Having reopened in 1341, this museum is an integral part of Iran’s ancient history, housing antique objects and ancient coins. Additionally, the museum provides an exhibition on the historical events and rich history of Tabriz.

Qajar Museum

Qajar Museum, Tabriz
Qajar Museum, Tabriz

The Qajar Museum, formerly known as the residence of Amir Nezam Garossi, is another historic Qajar house. Amir Nezam Garoushi, a well-known figure during the reign of Naseraldin Shah, served as one of his doormen and enjoyed popularity among the people. Similar to other houses from the Qajar era, this house is divided into two sections – the interior and exterior. In addition to that, the museum features various sections including a stone hall, weapon hall, architectural hall, and coin hall.

Arg-e Alishah

Arg-E Alishah, Tabriz
Arg-e Alishah, Tabriz

The Arg – e alishah of Tabriz, which is 700 years old, stands as one of Iran’s tallest and most ancient historical structures. Originally serving as a grand mosque, the citadel underwent a transformation in its purpose over time. Unfortunately, its unique architecture fell victim to natural calamities, such as earthquakes, leading to its present state. Once the tallest edifice in Tabriz, the Alishah Citadel’s prominence diminished as the urban landscape of the city evolved into what it is today. It is believed that the citadel’s underground walls reach a height of 7 meters. Presently, the citadel spans a width of 30 meters and stands at a height of 26 meters.

Tabriz Grand Bazaar

Tabriz Grand Bazaar
Tabriz Grand Bazaar (photo by Wikipedia)

Exploring the bustling markets is an essential and enjoyable aspect of every city you explore. When visiting Tabriz, a visit to the renowned grand bazaar is an absolute must. Spanning an impressive length of 1 km, Tabriz Grand Bazaar stands as one of the largest covered markets globally, earning its well-deserved recognition by UNESCO.

What adds to its allure is the historical significance of this market, as it once thrived along the Silk Road during the Safavid era. Within its vibrant walls, you will find a diverse array of shops offering both traditional and contemporary goods, sourced locally and internationally.

Make sure to allocate time during your Tabriz excursion to immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of this market and indulge in purchasing unique souvenirs to commemorate your visit.

Eynali Mount

Eynali Mount, Tabriz
Eynali Mount, Tabriz

Mount Eynali in Tabriz offers a range of attractions, including a cable car, an artificial lake, a zip line, the Aji Cha river, and a designated area for rock climbing enthusiasts. At the summit of Eynali mountain, you will find the tomb of Ali, a historical site dating back to the Ilkhani period.

One of the highlights of Mount Eynali is its breathtaking view of the city, accompanied by refreshing water and cool air throughout the year. It is worth mentioning that this area provides an ideal setting for capturing memorable photographs of your time in Tabriz.


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Final Words

Tabriz is one of the most known cities in Iran. it’s proud of its historical and eye-catching attractions. Yearly Many people from inside and outside of the country, travel to Tabriz to touch these sight seeing.

Best Places to Visit FAQ

What are the most known attractions in Tabriz?

El-Goli park, grand Bezzar, clock tower and Eynali mount are some of the attractions in Tabriz.

Where is Parvin Etesami’s house located?

Parvin Etesami’s house is located in Tabriz

Is Shahriar’s grave located in Tabriz?

Yes, Shahriyar has buried in Tabriz city, Maqbaratoshoara

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