Eram Garden (Bagh-e Eram) Shiraz

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Shiraz is a famously historic city in Iran made beautiful by its numerous gardens. One of the most well-known and admired is Eram Garden.

A visit to Shiraz is incomplete without seeing Eram Garden. Its vast size features lovely plants, flowers, and trees. The buildings within also exhibit excellent Iranian design and architecture.

Every area of Eram Garden exudes a peaceful paradise. No matter where one goes in the garden, something unique catches the eye.

About Eram Garden of Shiraz

Eram Garden In Shiraz, Iran
Eram Garden in Shiraz, Iran (photo by Wikipedia)

Shiraz has many gardens, but Eram Garden is very special. Its uniqueness is evident even from its picturesqueness.

Inside the garden are many buildings with beautiful designs, which show the great art of Iran. Walking around, you will be amazed at the stunning buildings.

Eram Garden is also one of nine Persian gardens recognized by UNESCO as very important. 

The tallest tree in Shiraz stands proudly in Eram Garden. It is a tall cypress tree that adds to the beauty.

The Enigmatic History of Eram Garden of Shiraz

The Beauty Of Eram Garden In Shiraz
The Beauty of Eram Garden in Shiraz (photo by Medium)

Nobody knows precisely when Eram Garden was first made. No one recorded the name of the person who built it or the year.

The garden existed between the 10th and 11th centuries, and travellers who visited Shiraz during that time mentioned it.

Over many years, the garden saw different rulers and periods, including the Safavid, Seljuk, and Injuid

The main mansion of the Eram Garden was later designed by one of Shiraz’s most famous architects, Haji Mohammad Hasan Khan.

Architectural Features of Eram Garden Shiraz

Architectural Features Of Eram Garden Shiraz
Architectural Features of Eram Garden Shiraz (photo by Wikidata)

Eram Garden is rectangular and covers an area of 110,000 square meters. It can be entered from the north and south sides through the surrounding streets.

Houses and other gardens border the garden, and beautiful flowers like honeysuckle and pomegranate grow on the fence around it.

The main building is constructed on higher ground, which makes it look very grand. The whole garden slopes down from east to west, and the mansion sits at the highest point.

In front of the mansion is a large rectangular pool. It is 335 square meters and has fountains in it. This adds to the beauty. Tall palm trees called Phoenix trees stand around the pool like natural columns.

The Layout of Eram Garden

The Eram Garden’s architecture has always embodied traditional and beautiful Iranian design, evident in its harmonious shapes and orderly lines. However, in the restorations over the years, non-Iranian architecture has also been incorporated into the garden.

Below, you can see the changes made to the garden’s geometric structure:

Buildings and Sections of Eram Garden

Buildings And Sections Of Eram Garden
Buildings and Sections of Eram Garden (photo by Wikipedia)

The main mansion of the Eram Garden has three floors, and its two winding columns give the garden an exceptional splendour, reminiscent of the beautiful Persepolis. This mansion is a masterpiece of the Qajar period, inspired by Safavid and Zand architecture.

Above the mansion’s entrance are beautiful paintings depicting stories from the Shahnameh and battles of Qajar kings, showcasing the artistic minds of its creators.

Like many other mansions, the garden’s building has a basement or a pool house hall located on its lower floor. The stream that fills the mansion’s pool passes through this basement, bringing coolness and freshness to this hall.

The Main Mansion of Eram Garden Shiraz

The Main Mansion Of Eram Garden Shiraz
The Main Mansion of Eram Garden Shiraz (photo by Pixabay)

As mentioned earlier, the main mansion of the Eram Garden is situated on the elevated part of the garden in the western section. However, with the garden’s expansion and the addition of western lands, the mansion is now centrally located within the complex.

The Floors of the Main Mansion

The main mansion of the Eram Garden has three floors, each with its unique features.

  • First Floor: The ground-level floor is known as the basement or pool house hall. With a stream running through it and a water feature pool, it is ideal for spending hot summer days. A sculpted column adds to its beauty.
  • Second Floor: This floor includes a veranda with impressive wall paintings and beautiful tilework. It also features a large hall, corridors, and large iron windows that enhance its beauty.
  • Third Floor: Similar to the second floor, this level includes large halls, multiple rooms, and intricate decorations. The halls have wooden ceilings adorned with paintings of hunting scenes, flowers, plants, and more, showcasing Shirazi artistry in ceiling painting to the world!


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The Facade of the Main Mansion

The vividly coloured tiles first catch the eye on the facade of the Eram Garden mansion. For example, tiles around the western window depict Achaemenid kings and soldiers, flowers, and plants. Above the entrance, tiles portray Naser al-Din Shah Qajar riding a horse.

The most beautiful tiles show Darius the Great hunting deer with a leopard. Scenes from Shahnameh poems, Nezami poems, and religious stories like Khosrow and Shirin, Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, Rostam, and Joseph and Zuleikha also appear on the facade. Inspired columns further enhance the mansion’s grandeur.

Mirror Hall

Inside the main mansion is a stunning hall adorned with intricate mirrorwork. Tall columns and iron windows add to the hall’s beauty. The ceiling is also decorated with impressive paintings that catch the eye of every visitor.


Main Veranda Of Eram Gardens Building
Main Veranda of Eram Gardens Building

The Eram Garden mansion features a main veranda with two smaller ones on either side. This covered veranda has two stone columns and is decorated with images of Qajar men and floral patterns. You can also find examples of Qajar-era tile work in this area.

Inner Courtyard

Inner Courtyard Of Eram Garden Shiraz
Inner Courtyard of Eram Garden Shiraz

Behind the main building is a courtyard with two halls and five rooms. This structure matches the beauty of the main mansion, with its tile work being completed simultaneously. Additionally, two intricately tiled columns on either side of the central room enhance the building’s beauty. Notably, to the west of the inner courtyard is a one-story building elevated above the courtyard level.

Administrative Section

Adjacent to the main mansion is an eight-room complex that serves as the administrative office.

Stone and Gem Museum of Daryay-e Noor

Stone And Gem Museum Of Daryay-E Noor
Stone and Gem Museum of Daryay-e Noor

The Stone and Gem Museum of Daryay-e Noor opened in 2011 in the main mansion. The museum contains more than 140 different kinds of rare and beautiful gems and rocks. Visitors can see these valuable stones and admire their beauty.

Eram Garden Inscriptions

Eram Garden Inscriptions
Eram Garden Inscriptions

The writing on the walls of Eram Garden comes from the time of Haji Nasir al-Mulk. At the northern entrance, you can see some inscriptions or old writing. One says, “Victory from Allah and an imminent conquest.” Another uses white marble with writing that says, “In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.” A poem in Nastaliq script also reads: “From the generous Nasir al-Mulk, may the Eram Garden always flourish.”

Inscriptions of Quranic verses are on either side of the main entrance. Additionally, poems by the famous Shiraz poets Hafez and Saadi, written in the Nastaliq script, can be found on the eastern facade of the mansion.

Two more inscriptions on either side of the main veranda depict an Achaemenid soldier holding a spear and a mace. 

Best Time to Visit Eram Garden

Eram Garden is lovely to visit any time of year. However, spring is truly the best season.

During spring, the many vibrant flowers in the garden and orange trees fill the air with their sweet smell. This makes the whole experience of springtime magical. The beauty and smells create an incredible atmosphere.

Visiting Eram Garden Of Shiraz
Visiting Eram Garden of Shiraz

Address and Location of Eram Garden Shiraz

The Eram Garden is located in the central area of Shiraz. To visit, head to Eram Street, near Shiraz University, off Daneshjou Boulevard. The garden is in close proximity to Afif Abad Garden, Jahan Nama Garden, Delgosha Garden, and other attractions, making it convenient to visit multiple sites in one day.

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Final Words

Eram Garden shows Iran’s beautiful art and building history. Its scenery, unique buildings and many types of plants make it famous.

If you visit Shiraz, you must see Eram Garden. Whether you like history, building design, or nature, you will enjoy this garden.

Inside, you will find amazing things from Iran’s past. You will also see lovely trees, flowers and the tall cypress. Walking around makes you feel very relaxed.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Eram Garden

Where is Eram Garden located?

It is located in Shiraz City, Iran. The address is Eram Street, near Shiraz University.

What are the visiting hours for Eram Garden?

In spring and summer: From 8:30am to 7:30pm.
In fall and winter: From 8:00am to 5:30pm.

Does Eram Garden charge an entrance fee?

For foreigners, the cost to enter Eram Garden is around 250,000 Iranian Rials, which currently equals about 8 US dollars. However, exchange rates can change over time, and the fee may increase or decrease. To know the exact price when you go, check online close to your trip date.

Who built Eram Garden? 

Nobody recorded the name of the person. All we know is travellers in the 10th-11th centuries mentioned seeing the garden. So, the real builder is unknown.

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