The Best Restaurants and Cafes in Shiraz (Top 10)

The Best Flavors and Dining Experiences in this Vibrant City

Shiraz is one of Iran’s most popular tourist destinations, drawing huge numbers of visitors from both inside the country and abroad every year.

One of the biggest draws for traveling to Shiraz has to be the mouthwatering aromas of local specialties like Shirazi kalam polo (cabbage rice), Shirazi Ghambar polo, do piazeh alu (potatoes with two types of onions), and more scents that are simply intoxicating for any traveler.

If you’ve made the journey to this city and are on the hunt for the best restaurants and cafes in Shiraz to sample authentic Iranian and traditional cuisine, you’ll want to pick your favorite spot from this guide.


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Best Restaurants in Shiraz

Among the many outstanding places to dine, here are some of the top restaurants in Shiraz.

1. Haft Khan Restaurant

Haft Khan Restaurant, Shiraz
Haft Khan Restaurant, Shiraz

One of the best restaurants in Shiraz is Haft Khan Restaurant, located around Darvazeh Quran. This restaurant comprises seven different restaurants, each serving a particular style of food. The names of the restaurants are taken from the Shahnameh by Ferdowsi.

  1. The Forood Restaurant (basement) serves traditional dishes such as Dizi, Kabab, Jujeh Kabab, Halim, etc.,
  2. Nofel Restaurant (second floor) serves various Kabab, Fish, Pizza, Pasta, Sandwich, etc.
  3. Sindokht Restaurant (ground floor), serves Iranian Food such as Shivid Baghali with lamb meat, Sabzi Polo with fish, Kabab, etc.
  4. Garsivaz Restaurant (rooftop), serves various Kabab, Lebanese Shawarma, etc.
  5. Belian Fast Food (first floor), serves Fast food
  6. Gisia Cafe (second floor) serves Fast food
  7. and Zarir Cafe (first floor) serves various hot and cold beverages, ice cream, cake and desert

each offer various dishes from traditional to fast food and Western cuisine with their unique designs.

2. Parhami Restaurant

Parhami Restaurant, Shiraz
Parhami Restaurant, Shiraz

This old house is one of the best traditional-style restaurants in Shiraz, and it perfectly conveys the old atmosphere.

The interior courtyard beds, a water pond with redfish, and a traditional Shirazi meal will completely refresh you. Four traditional dishes are served daily at this restaurant, one of the most famous being its kalam polo.

3. Bagh Raz Restaurant

Bagh Raz Restaurant, Shiraz
Bagh Raz Restaurant, Shiraz

Although far from the city center, the Bagh Raz restaurant still holds the title of one of the best restaurants in Shiraz. This restaurant and recreational complex has two menus: the Garden Menu and the Roof Menu. The garden menu, offered in the green and traditional part of the restaurant, includes various traditional Iranian dishes, especially Shirazi cuisine.

However, you prefer something other than traditional food and are looking for a delicious modern meal. In that case, the Roof Menu at Bagh Raz Restaurant offers various fast foods. The variety of herbal teas, ash reshteh, natural herbal distillates, traditional music, and excellent staff behavior have made this restaurant special and popular.

4. Khosha Shiraz Restaurant

Khosha Shiraz Restaurant, Shiraz
Khosha Shiraz Restaurant, Shiraz

One of the best restaurants in Shiraz, Khosha Shiraz, offers a beautiful and cozy atmosphere, pleasant music, quality food, organized service, and more. This restaurant has indoor and outdoor sections and serves various Iranian and traditional dishes.

The chefs at this restaurant are skilled and professional. They use the finest ingredients to cook and serve their guests the best meals.

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5. Emarat Fil Restaurant

Emarat Fil Restaurant, Shiraz
Emarat Fil Restaurant, Shiraz

Emarat Fil is a traditional lodging from the Zand era, and its restaurant has become known as one of the best restaurants in Shiraz. This restaurant showcases all the beauties of an old house, designed traditionally and nostalgic. The quality of the food reflects the fresh and premium ingredients and the chefs’ skills.

6. Sharzeh Traditional Restaurant

Sharzeh Traditional Restaurant, Shiraz
Sharzeh Traditional Restaurant, Shiraz

Sharzeh Restaurant is also one of Shiraz’s oldest and best traditional-themed restaurants. This restaurant is located near Vakil Bazaar and Zandiyeh Hotel. Despite its long history, it has maintained the quality of its food, so much so that it has earned the title of best kebab server. The traditional atmosphere, fresh bread, live music, and variety of traditional dishes and kebabs have made Sharzeh Restaurant popular among Shiraz tourists.

7. Gabric Fast Food

Gabric Fast Food, Shiraz
Gabric Fast Food, Shiraz

Gabric Fast Food in Shiraz offers a modern, creative atmosphere with indoor and outdoor seating areas.

The outdoor garden is beautiful, surrounded by lush green plants that make you feel refreshed. Or stay inside for a cozier ambience, perfect for chatting with friends.

No matter where you sit, the fast food is delicious. Gabric serves high quality dishes made fresh, so everything tastes great. And because it’s fast service, it’s convenient when you’re short on time but still want to enjoy your food.

8. Mister Burger

Mister Burger Restaurant, Shiraz
Mister Burger Restaurant, Shiraz

If you’re a burger fan, Mister Burger is a must-visit restaurant in Shiraz. With a tasty menu served for takeout or casual dining, this fast-food joint makes burgers unlike any other.

There is a small upstairs area that is usually crowded. There is only room for 30 diners.

They offer all the classics, from hamburgers to chickenburgers. But their secret is quality, fresh ingredients that make every burger taste great.

9. Kateh Mas Traditional Restaurant

Kateh Mas Traditional Restaurant, Shiraz
Kateh Mas Traditional Restaurant, Shiraz

Another of the best restaurants in Shiraz, the traditional Kateh Mas Restaurant, has attracted many customers with its traditional and nostalgic atmosphere and excellent combination of authentic Iranian dishes.

Due to the good quality of the food and good treatment of customers, Kateh Mas has become one of the busiest and highest-quality traditional restaurants in this city.

10. Shandiz Restaurant

Shandiz Restaurant, Shiraz
Shandiz Restaurant, Shiraz

Looking for an unforgettable dining experience in Shiraz? Experience panoramic skyline views and delicious local flavors at Shandiz Restaurant.

As part of a renowned Iranian chain, their rooftop setting takes your meal to new heights.

However, the incredible ambiance is not all Shandiz has to offer – it is considered one of the best restaurants in town by locals. With fresh seasonal ingredients, traditional dishes showcase local flavors.

Best Cafes in Shiraz

Shiraz is a city we all associate with poetry, love, and beauty. A romantic tale is hidden in every corner, and the cafes of Shiraz are not oblivious to these tales!

Shiraz has friendly, smiling people who always welcome travelers in the best way possible. One charming way this city welcomes guests is through its diverse and lovely cafes, which are cozy and vibrant places.

1. Greta Café

Greta Café, Shiraz
Greta Café, Shiraz

In the Moali Abad area, one of the best cafe restaurants in Shiraz is called Greta. This luxury and beautiful cafe restaurant is always crowded due to the excellent quality of its food. The staff’s behavior is great, and guests are welcomed with a drink upon arrival. Various types of pasta, pizza, salads, and cold and hot beverages are served with the best quality at Greta Cafe Restaurant.

2. Joulep Café

Joulep Café, Shiraz
Joulep Café, Shiraz

When doing some sightseeing around the gorgeous Vakil Bazaar, Bath and Citadel areas, be sure to take a break at Joulep Café – one of the best in the city. After working up an appetite looking at all the history and architecture, you’ll want to refuel here.

Their drinks, cakes, teas and ice creams are simply unbeatable. Every item is prepared with the utmost care and quality ingredients. Craving something more filling? Definitely try their ab doogh khiar (yoghurt drink) or do piazeh (rice pudding).

3. Bal Café

Bal Café, Shiraz
Bal Café, Shiraz

At the Afifahbad intersection in Shiraz, you’ll come across the beautiful Bal Cafe. Bal Cafe is considered one of the most chic cafes in Shiraz. This cafe has an attractive and modern design, with great attention to detail in the decor. In each section of the cafe, a different type of design has been used, attracting customers with different tastes.

4. Floral Café

Floral Café, Shiraz
Floral Café, Shiraz

The Floral Cafe is one of the most unique cafes in Shiraz. This Cafe catches your eye with its pink-colored walls, even from the outside. Once inside, a vibrant pink world surrounds you – the decor, utensils, chairs, and menus are all in shades of pink. If the cheerful pink hues appeal to you, Floral Cafe provides a lively ambiance to hang out with friends.

5. Street Lounge Café

Street Lounge Café, Shiraz
Street Lounge Café, Shiraz

Street Lounge is one of the cafes in Shiraz’s Moali Abad neighborhood. Moali Abad is one of the most popular areas in Shiraz, where the city’s joy and entertainment are held on weekends.

One of the area’s many cafes and restaurants is Street Lounge – a luxurious hotspot loved by locals.

In this cafe’s colorful and bright atmosphere, you can enjoy a delicious meal or try a new and refreshing drink that will make your summer afternoon memorable.

6. Setaregan Café

Setaregan Café, Shiraz
Setaregan Café, Shiraz

Setaregan Cafe is a cafe located in the international Setaregan Hotel. You can find whatever Western food and drinks you desire at this cafe in the best form and quality. This cafe can easily be listed among the best cafes in Shiraz for birthday parties.

7. Aban Café

Aban Café, Shiraz
Aban Café, Shiraz

This cafe is located on Afifabad Street, one of the famous streets of Shiraz. Shiraz’s Aban Cafe is considered one of the city’s coziest cafes. This cafe has a lovely ambiance. As soon as you enter the cafe, positive energy will flow towards you. Light-colored tables and chairs have been used in this cafe. Also, all the decor elements of this cafe are in light colors. For this reason, whether you want to or not, when you enter this cafe, you will forget all your worries and concerns.

8. Zarnegar Museum Café

Zarnegar Museum Café, Shiraz
Zarnegar Museum Café, Shiraz

Zarnegar Museum Cafe is one of the most beautiful cafes in Shiraz. Zarnegar Museum Cafe has a very unique and distinctive appearance. This cafe was built in an old house; however, the appearance of this house has been well-restored. The building in which Zarnegar Museum Cafe is located is a historical mansion! Seeing this building automatically gives you a pleasant feeling.

9. Fath Ol-molouki Mansion

Fath Ol-Molouki Mansion, Shiraz
Fath Ol-molouki Mansion, Shiraz

Behind Karim Khan Citadel, there is a uniquely beautiful mansion. Fath Ol-molouki Cafe is located in one of the historical mansions of Shiraz. This mansion is one of the most beautiful cafes in Shiraz. The history of this mansion dates back to 1290 AH, during the Qajar era. This house has a traditional appearance, and Iranian architecture has been used in its design. The ceiling of the house is wooden. Animal paintings, flowers, and various birds have been used to decorate the mansion.

10. Theater Café

Theater Café, Shiraz
Theater Café, Shiraz

Theater Cafe in Shiraz is considered one of the most artistic cafes in the city. It has been well-designed, and when you look at its interior design, your heart will automatically feel good. Of course, as expected, this cafe is intended for those interested in theater and performance arts. Immortal dialogues are written on the cafe walls next to images of various artists in the country. This cafe has a pleasant and energetic atmosphere.


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The Best Restaurants And Cafes In Shiraz (Top 10)


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The Best Restaurants And Cafes In Shiraz (Top 10)


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The Best Restaurants And Cafes In Shiraz (Top 10)


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Final Words

Visiting Shiraz presents many opportunities to experience this legendary city’s rich culture and history through its food and cafes. The various establishments covered here offer guests a taste of tradition and modern flare. So, embark on culinary adventures through this comprehensive directory of the city’s best bites.

Bon appetit, and enjoy your visit to Shiraz!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the must-try dishes in Shiraz restaurants?

A few local favorites are kalam polo (basically rice with cabbage – it’s delicious!), Ghambar Polo, and Do Piazeh Aloo. Also, watch for kebabs like koobideh (ground meat) and jujeh (chicken). The flavors are superb.

Are there vegetarian/vegan options available in Shiraz restaurants?

Luckily, yes! While Iranian food tends to be meat-focused, you’ll find plenty of meat-free dishes. Look for stews, salads, and rice dishes that skip the animal products. You shouldn’t have trouble finding satisfying veggie meals.

Can I find Western or international cuisine in Shiraz?

For sure. In addition to the traditional Persian spots, Shiraz has cafes and restaurants serving foods from all over—think Italian, French, and American. It’s a nice option if you want a break from local flavors.

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