Travelling to Tabriz: Uncovering the Rich History of Northwest Iran

Have some tips when travelling to Tabriz

The capital of east Azerbaijan province, Tabriz, is standing in the northwest of Iran Magnificent. At the hillside of Sahand Mountain, Tabriz sits proudly and carries the name of the third-largest City in Iran.

Sahand Mountain
Sahand Mountain, Tabriz

The rich history of Tabriz goes back to the 4500 years. The first capital of Iran has seen many Incidents over its history. The story of Tabriz is long and appealing, if you want to know more just stay here.

Tabriz city, the famous land in the northwest of Iran is a home of culture and history, where you can find the kindest and most hospitable people worldwide. The home of shams – e Tabrizi is known for its delicious and unique foods which you can’t find anywhere! This is what tourists say.

The moderate weather of Tabriz has made it an ideal city for sightseeing and spending a memorable vacation.

The unique nature that originates from Sahand mountains and the passing of the Talkheh Rood River through the city has created beautiful and rare natural landscapes.

All about Tabriz

Tabriz, the second industrial city in Iran offers an International Airport which is approximately 8 kilometers far from the city center. With the existence of public transportation like metro, bus, or taxi access to the airport is easy and fast. The airport has many domestic and foreign flights. The most favorite foreign flights go to Istanbul.

Tabriz City
Tabriz City

Public Transportation

Like many metropolises in Iran, Tabriz benefits from modern and the newest version of public transportation. The subway routes provide accessibility to all regions of the city, the easiest and fastest choice!

Buses and taxis are available in a wide range of the city. In comparison with Tehran taxies prices are reasonable.

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Things to Do In Tabriz

With uncountable natural beauties, historical places, museums, and traditional places, traveling to Tabriz needs a big plan! If you are interested in traveling to Tabriz here is the list of city sightseeing.

El Lake (Shah Goli, El Goli)

El Lake is one of the known sites in Tabriz. You can find traditional Azerbaijan architecture there. Walking in the garden, right under the trees, and watching the view of the lake with that eye-catching building it is all you can bring with you as traveling to Tabriz memory.

Eli Goli Tabriz
El Goli Park Located In Tabriz City

Nature has a peaceful and calm atmosphere here. Having a meal in a restaurant is the greatest thing to do in El Goli. In the fall just walk on the dried leaves and enjoy your time.

Behnam House

Behnam house which was built as a Zand and the early Qajar Dynasty residence, glories with it’s amazing architecture. The house consists of two buildings, one for summer and the other for winter. The winter part carries two-floor seats in the basement.

Behnam House, Tabriz
Behnam House

With colorful windows, the edifice offers a stunning place to visit. Walls and ceilings are painted in such a way that Enchanted visitors. The yard of the Behnam house is serene and offers a nonpareil place to take photos.

Tabriz Bazaar

Like other Iranian cities, Tabriz hosts a traditional Bazaar, but the difference is that it carries the name of the world’s largest grand bazaar in UNESCO!

Brick structures, high arches and domes, and the presence of several schools and mosques all are characteristics of the Tabriz market.

Tabriz Grand Bazaar
The Grand Bazaar Of Tabriz

Amir Bazaar, Halajan Bazaar, Old Raste, Haj Mohammad Hossein Bazaar, are some of its markets.

Various goods are sold in this Tabriz Bazaar. The most important of them are hand-woven carpets, leather bags, shoes, herbal products, spices, fabrics, etc., mostly show the atmosphere of traditional markets. if you are looking for a repair shop or buying electronic tools like mobile and computers grand Bazaar is not the proper place.

Kandovan Village

About 1 hour away from Tabriz, you will reach Kandoan village, a place that resembles Cappadocia in Turkey. At the foot of Sahand Mountain, Kandovan is nestled. The volcanic land makes this place authentic and less known.

Kandovan Village, Tabrio
Kandovan Village, Located South Of Tabriz

Mild weather feels during the year, but in the winter the weather is completely freezing. Most houses are rock-carved shaped and save their traditional mood.

Kandovan village brings many tourists to Tabriz and gives them the best time they’ve ever had.

Mausoleum of Poets

The monument of poets is a place where the graves of the famous Iranian poets are seated. The most known poet who is buried there is Shahriyar. Monument of Poets is one of the must-see places in Tabriz and should appear on your checklist.

Tabriz foods can’t be found anywhere else!

There is no doubt, that before deciding to travel to Tabriz, you heard a lot about Turkish foods. Tabriz’s women are famous and well-known for their cooking. I’m sure Turkish chefs use some magic when they are cooking 🙂

Kufteh Tabrizi
Kufteh, A Must Try Meal In Tabriz!

Delicious food and cuisines are served in traditional and modern restaurants. Going to restaurants and gardens is a kind of entertainment in Tabriz, especially at night or on weekends.

Kufteh Tabrizi and kebab are two of delicious and popular foods in this city.

Where to stay in Tabriz?

The essential part of travel is residence. Hospitable people in Tabriz always open their arms and welcome you.

There are lots of residential places in Tabriz, including hotels, suites, gardens, and private houses which are arranged for tourist residences.

Some of the top hotels are listed below; remember to reserve your stay before your tips.

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Laleh Park Hotel

In the heart of Tabriz, Laleh Park, a 5-star hotel located offering a range of amenities such as a fitness center, spa, and indoor pool.

Laleh Hotel Tabriz
Laleh Hotel Of Tabriz

Tabriz El-Goli Pars Hotel

This 5-star hotel is situated near the beautiful El-Goli Park and lake. It features a restaurant, fitness center and outdoor pool. Staying in this hotel offers memorable residences and trips.

El Goli Pars Hotel Tabriz
El-Goli Pars Hotel

Shahryar International Hotel Tabriz

Located in the city center, El – Goli St., a 5-star Shahriyar hotel, gives you a luxury stay in Tabriz. The varied breakfast in this hotel has created satisfaction among travelers and received high points.

Shahryar International Hotel, Tabriz
Shahryar International Hotel, Tabriz

Tabriz, a city in the northwest of Iran provides incomparable attractions and atmosphere for tourists. If you plan to travel to Iran don’t miss visiting this city.  

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