Tehran During Nowruz: Serene Streets in New Year’s Bustle

Enchanting Beauty of Tehran During Nowruz

Tehran, the capital of Iran, is considered one of the busiest cities in Iran, where traffic is usually observed on many of its streets. However, during the Nowruz holiday, Tehran becomes significantly less crowded, and the weather is relatively cleaner compared to normal days. Due to these factors, tourism in Tehran also has a different atmosphere during the holiday season. Tehran has such a variety of attractions that you can spend the entire Nowruz holiday in Tehran and enjoy the historical, natural, and cultural tourist attractions to the fullest. First, we will give a brief introduction to Nowruz and then proceed to introduce the most important attractions in Iran.


Nowruz, Persian New Year
Nowruz, Persian New Year

Nowruz marks the beginning of the spring season, and Iranians celebrate the New Year. During Nowruz, Iranians engage in visiting and sightseeing during this holiday, or they go on trips. On the thirteenth day of Farvardin (the first month of the Iranian calendar), all Iranians go to embrace nature to conclude their holidays by being in nature and get ready themselves for beginning work within the new season.

Join us to explore the most important attractions in Tehran.


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Tehran During Nowruz: Serene Streets In New Year'S Bustle


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Tehran During Nowruz: Serene Streets In New Year'S Bustle


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Natural Attractions in Tehran

One of the most important tourist attractions in Tehran during Nowruz is its natural attractions during the spring season. Nature has a lot of beauty to offer during spring, and you can enjoy these landscapes in Tehran. The most important natural attractions include:

Darakeh, Darband, and Kolakchal

Darband, Tehran
Darband, Tehran

These are beautiful mountainous areas in northern Tehran that are perfect for hiking and Mountaineering enthusiasts.


Lavasan, Tehran
Lavasan, Tehran (photo by Wikipedia)

It is a mountainous and resort area located in the northeast of Tehran, known for its beautiful scenery. You can also visit its luxurious shopping centers, restaurants, and cafes.


Fasham, Tehran
Fasham, Tehran

Located in the northwest of Tehran, Fasham has a more balanced climate compared to Lavasan. If you’re interested in deer, you might spot them in this area near the river during the spring season.

Parks and Gardens in Tehran

There are also beautiful gardens and parks in Tehran, each with its unique beauty that you can enjoy during the spring season. The most beautiful parks are introduced below:

Jamshidieh Park

Jamshidieh Park, Tehran
Jamshidieh Park, Tehran (photo by Tripadvisor)

This park is located in the northern part of Tehran and can be the starting point for your hiking journey to Tochal peak.

Park-e Aab-o-Atash (Water and Fire Park)

Ab-O-Atash Park, Tehran
Ab-o-Atash Park, Tehran

It is one of the most beautiful and famous parks in Tehran, featuring a fountain and fire section, as well as walking, cycling, and skating paths. The famous “Gonbad-e Mina Tehran” observatory is also located in this park.

Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden, Tehran
Botanical Garden, Tehran

This garden is located in the Chitgar area. You can enjoy the sight of various beautiful and unique plants and get acquainted with numerous species. As spring is the season for beautiful spring flowers, the best time to visit is during the spring season.

There are other gardens such as Ferdows Garden and Bird Garden where you can enjoy a visit.

Taleghani Forest Park

Taleghani Forest Park, Tehran
Taleghani Forest Park, Tehran

 It is characterized by old trees, making it one of the greenest parks in Tehran. Interestingly, this park also holds the third-largest flag in the world. Various sports, recreational facilities, and services for tourists are available in this park.

Other man-made attractions in the heart of nature that you can enjoy during the Nowruz holiday:

Nature Bridge

Nature Bridge, Tehran
Nature Bridge, Tehran

It has a beautiful architecture designed by an Iranian woman. It is recognized as a symbol of Iranian engineering and architecture, featuring organic design. The bridge is 300 meters long and has two levels. It also houses a restaurant and a café.

Chitgar Artificial Lake

Chitgar Artificial Lake, Tehran
Chitgar Artificial Lake, Tehran

 It is one of Tehran’s notable attractions, offering recreational activities such as boating, fishing, and cycling. There are also many shops and stores around the lake for food and refreshments.

There are many other parks in Tehran, such as Laleh, Sorkheh Hesar, Pardisan, Shahr, Bagh-e Negarestan, Park-e Eram, Mellat, Sa’ei, and Qeitarieh. You can enjoy walking and spending time in these parks.

Historical Attractions in Tehran

Golestan Palace

Golestan Palace, Tehran
Golestan Palace, Tehran

This UNESCO-listed site is located in the vicinity of the bazaar and is easily accessible, especially during the Eid holiday when traffic is lighter. The magnificent palace has several sections that you can enjoy visiting.

Niavaran Palace

Niavaran Palace, Tehran
Niavaran Palace, Tehran

Following Golestan Palace, this palace is one of the most important royal palaces dating back to the Qajar era. It consists of several mansions with beautiful attractions.

Saadabad Palace

Saadabad Palace, Tehran
Saadabad Palace, Tehran

This palace, belonging to the Pahlavi era, also houses a museum and is one of the best options for sightseeing in Tehran during Nowruz.

Masoudieh Mansion

Masoudieh Mansion, Tehran
Masoudieh Mansion, Tehran

This beautiful mansion belonged to Masoud Mirza, the son of one of Iran’s kings, and is one of the most exquisite Qajar-era mansions, showcasing various Iranian elements.

Tajrish Square

Bazaar Of Tajrish
Tajrish Bazaar, Tehran

 It is one of Tehran’s oldest squares, featuring a traditional bazaar where you can find delicious and unique local delicacies. There are also two shopping centers near the square.

Bazaar and Oudlajan Neighborhood

Oudlajan Neighborhood, Tehran
Oudlajan Neighborhood, Tehran

Tehran’s Grand Bazaar is one of the most beautiful and oldest neighborhoods in the city. In addition to shopping and exploring the bazaar, you can enjoy the traditional architecture and ambiance.

Toghrol Tower

Toghrol Tower, Tehran
Toghrol Tower, Tehran (photo by Wikipedia)

This tower is one of the oldest attractions in Tehran, dating back to the Seljuk era. It features a large sundial that can be observed in its architecture. Interestingly, the building has remained intact and the clock still works.

Milad and Azadi Towers are also attractive landmarks in Tehran worth visiting.

Abgineh Museum

Abgineh Museum, Tehran
Abgineh Museum, Tehran

This museum belongs to the Qajar era and houses glass, ceramic, enamel, and crystal artifacts. It is also known as the most delicate museum in Iran.

Museum of Contemporary Art

Museum Of Contemporary Art, Tehran
Museum of Contemporary Art, Tehran

Located in the center of Tehran, next to Laleh Park, it showcases contemporary artworks such as paintings and visual arts in different styles.

Negarestan Museum Garden

Negarestan Museum Garden, Tehran
Negarestan Museum Garden, Tehran

Situated in the heart of Tehran on Baharestan Street, this garden is incredibly beautiful and dreamy. It dates back to the Qajar era and also houses a mansion and a museum. Additionally, a restaurant is located in the pleasant garden space.

Other museums in Tehran include the National Museum of Iran, the Jewelry Museum, the Museum of Anthropology, and more, which you can explore. You can find a separate section on museums in Tehran on this website.


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Final Words

Tehran has a wide range of attractions, and it’s not possible to mention all of them here. However, we can assure you that visiting all the attractions in Tehran during Nowruz will be a delightful experience for you.

To visit Tehran during the holidays, you can join Nowruz tours that offer guided tours of the city. If you prefer to explore Tehran on your own, you can use private vehicles or public transportation such as taxis, Snapp (ride-hailing app), metro, and buses throughout the city. Your visit to Tehran would make us happy.


What is the situation in Tehran during Nowruz?

Due to the travel of many residents of the capital to other cities during Nowruz, Tehran is much quieter during these days compared to normal days. Consequently, the air quality is significantly better.

What are the tourist attractions in Tehran?

Tourist attractions in Tehran include natural, historical, and cultural sites such as mountains, gardens, museums, historical houses, palaces, and traditional bazaars.

What means of transportation can be used to visit the attractions?

You can explore Tehran’s attractions using private vehicles, public transportation such as the metro, buses, taxis, or by joining tour buses specifically designed for Tehran sightseeing.

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