Tochal, the Alcove of Tehran

Stunning Mountain and City views with Exhilarating Adventures

Weekend is the perfect opportunity to recharge after a long week of work with some well-planned activities, and what better place to do so than in the beautiful natural surroundings of Tehran, specifically at Tochal? This peak, located in the northernmost point of Tehran, is easily recognizable from miles away and offers breathtaking views from any point in the city. Tochal is part of the central Alborz mountain range and is connected to other peaks such as Kolakchal and Darabad from the east and Imamzadeh Dawood from the west, providing easy access to the resort.

The resort, situated at an elevation of 3962 meters, stands as one of the most elevated points in Tehran. It offers an optimal setting for athletes and mountain climbers alike. Nestled in the highest region of Bam – e Tehran (Velenjak), this peak serves as an appealing destination for vacationers, who may even choose to extend their stay for a few days. Not only is it a hub for sports enthusiasts, but it also provides a picturesque backdrop for leisurely activities.

The resort’s address is as follows: Tehran, Shahid Chamran Highway, Yemen St., at the end of Velenjak St.

Conveniently located, the resort can be easily accessed via subway, bus, or private car.

Tochal Resort Climate

Tochal Walking Path In Spring
Tochal Walking Path in Spring (photo by Tripadvisor)

The resort, being situated in a mountainous region, ensures that you won’t experience any excessive heat throughout the year, even during the summer season! In the early spring and during the Nowruz holidays, the weather might still be slightly chilly due to the lingering snow, but as May and June approach, the climate becomes moderate and enjoyable.

During the summer months, the weather in this area remains pleasantly cool, particularly as you ascend in altitude.

At the onset of autumn, the weather becomes mild and refreshing, but as December draws near, it progressively becomes colder.

Winter, on the other hand, is the perfect season for winter enthusiasts and snow sports lovers.

Resort Leisure and Athletics

Over the past few years, a wide range of athletic and recreational activities have been introduced in this region, particularly at the Bam – e Tehran first station

Undoubtedly, this resort stands as Tehran’s most well-equipped and enjoyable tourist destination. Visitors can find an array of cafes, restaurants, and entertainment and sports facilities in this area, which we will present in detail below.

Tochal Telecabin

Tochal Telecabin
Tochal Telecabin

Undoubtedly, riding in a small cabin and seeing Tehran from a height of about 3,700 meters is a risk that will never be erased from your mind.

Tochal boasts the renowned Tochal cable car, featuring three primary lines and seven stations, including a ski line and three cable car lines.

Station one of the cable car is situated at an elevation of 1,900 meters, while stations two and three are positioned at 2,480 meters. Stations five and six can be found at 2,910 meters, and the final station, station seven, stands at an impressive 3,680 meters above sea level.

Spanning approximately 7,500 meters, this cable car line is recognized as one of the longest in the world, offering a captivating 50-minute journey from station one to seven.

While the cable car operates daily, its availability may be subject to weather conditions, particularly during the winter season.

Tochal Ski Resort

Tochal Ski Resort
Tochal Ski Resort

The premier ski destination in Iran is situated at the seventh station, towering at an elevation of 3,500 meters above sea level. It boasts of being the first snow-covered ski resort in the country. In years with ample rainfall, the snow on this track can be utilized for skiing for up to 8 months. The ski slope stretches for 1,200 meters, commencing from the base of the resort peak at an altitude of 3,850 meters and concluding around the hotel at an altitude of 3,550 meters. If you don’t have the necessary equipment, you can rent skis and other gear at the resort and receive training from the instructors.

Tochal Zip Line

Tochal Zip Line
Tochal Zip Line

The renowned health resort in Bostan (garden) No. 2, boasts the magnificent Resort Zip Line. This remarkable zip line holds the distinction of being the largest in the country. Spanning a length of 200 meters and soaring to a height of 70 meters, it promises an exhilarating experience. If you are above the age of 12 and weigh less than 100 kilos, seize the opportunity to partake in this thrilling adventure.

Tochal Sled

Tochal Sled
Tochal Sled (photo by

Tochal sled was created by a German company back in 2014 and has received high safety ratings. Tochal, boasting a 1,420-meter long track, is renowned as Iran’s most thrilling and longest sledding destination, offering an exhilarating experience amidst the heights of Tehran. With a capacity to accommodate 250 individuals, the Tochal sled ensures a delightful adventure in the elevated landscapes of Tehran.

Tochal Chairlift (Télésiège)

Tochal Chairlift
Tochal Chairlift (photo by Visit Iran)

If you are looking to travel from the first station to the Cheshme restaurant via air transportation, the Télésiège is readily available. Covering a distance of approximately 1km, you can conveniently arrive at the restaurant within a span of 10 minutes. Relax on the chair lift and relish the breathtaking view of Tehran.

 Tochal Archery Club

Tochal Archery Club
Tochal Archery Club (photo by

Situated on the Salamati (health) road, boasts an expansive area of 1,500 square meters. It stands as the sole authorized site in the country, holding a license from the Physical Education Organization. Enthusiasts can relish in the art of archery, equipped with 10 arrows and an unlimited amount of time for each session. It is worth mentioning that all the necessary equipment is provided free of charge.

This establishment is well-equipped with a lush grass area, 15 shooting sables, and 20 shooting bows. In addition to the archery and dart facilities, the club also offers training classes conducted by experienced instructors. Ping pong, darts, and hand football are among the other activities available at this club.

Other Facilities

Lamiz Coffee Tochal
Lamiz Coffee Tochal (photo by

Apart from the mentioned sports facilities, the resort also offers a range of amenities for comfort and recreation. The resort ensures that guests have everything they need, even for a short trip. Along the walking path and at stations one and two, there are numerous cafes and restaurants available. Additionally, electric cars are conveniently stationed to transport passengers. As previously mentioned, athletes and nature enthusiasts can find various cafes and restaurants along the walking route such as

Lamiz café

Viona café



And Tochal restaurant situated in 7th station.

Book Tehran Hotels

Espinas Palace Hotel

Tochal Hotel

Tochal Hotel
Tochal Hotel (photo by Tripadvisor)

The construction of Tochal Hotel dates back to 1380, and it stands as a two-story establishment offering 30 accommodation units. As a three-star hotel, it provides a range of amenities for tourists, including high-speed internet, a top-notch heating and cooling system, breakfast service, and a restaurant. Notably, the Hotel holds significance due to its location at an impressive altitude of 3545 meters above ground level. This makes it an ideal choice for individuals visiting the ski resort within this complex. Given that the ski resort remains snow-covered for the majority of the year, this hotel warmly welcomes numerous guests.

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