Religious Sites in Iran: Exploring Sacred Places

Get to know about different religions in Iran

Iran is one of those countries with an unbelievably rich history and amusing background. Iran has gone through many religions and phases throughout its history. These changes dramatically affected the country’s culture and also made their mark on other aspects of life.

Inside the Imam Reza Shrine, Mashahd

Many sacred and holy places were constructed in different time periods so that each one of them has its own history and glory. Islam has kept his place in being the main religion of the country for many years now. Therefore, as a result of Islam being the prominent religion of the country, many religious sites and sacred places were made in Iran that led to the beautiful heritage we have today.

Many people visit these sacred places and foreign people also find it interesting and valuable to explore. Here we will get to know some of the sacred places and pilgrimage sites in Iran with rich history and great value.


You can find the Fatima Masoumeh shrine in Qom, one of the religious cities in Iran. This shrine was built in the 17th century and it carries a great sense of holiness as well as its amusing history. The story behind this shrine is one for the books, as it is both amazing and sensational.

Fatima Masumeh
Located in Qom, which is considered by Twelver Shia Muslims to be the second most sacred city in Iran after Mashhad

Fatima was the sister of Imam Reza. Back in the days, she was traveling to Mashhad to visit her brother. Unfortunately, she became seriously ill for many days. She passed away in the city Qom, and never got to visit her brother. It is also considered as a sacred place, therefore in the 17th century, the Fatima Masoumeh shrine was built which is named after her. This shrine attracts pilgrims and Muslims from around the world each year that come to visit and pay their respect.


Holy Savior Cathedral, also called as Vank Cathedral, is a beautiful piece of architecture mixed with history. It is one of the first cathedrals ever to be built in Isfahan. This cathedral showcases mesmerizing interior design that includes intricate tile work, use of gold throughout the building and paintings that are nothing short of incredible. It was built by the Armenian community of Isfahan and is a gathering place for Christians.

Vank Cathedral Of Isfahan
The Armenian church located in the New Julfa district of Isfahan, Iran

It is considered as one the most beautiful churches in Iran and it is a popular spot for tourists to visit. It includes a museum and library and contains around 700 handwritten books that makes it even more interesting to visit. You can also buy souvenirs from the souvenir shop. They have posters of the cathedral and its beautiful statues.


The Imam Reza Shrine is located in a city called Mashhad. Many religious people in Iran visit this shrine and it also attracts pilgrims and visitors from around the world. Mashhad is the religious capital of Iran and the Imam Reza Shrine is the most important and sacred site in this city. This shrine includes many praying sites and museums, in which they showcase many historical and religious items that some of them can age back 1400 years. This shrine is named after Imam Reza, the eighth Imam in Shia in Islam. Many pilgrims and Muslims from around the world visit this shrine every year.

Imam Reza Shrine
Mashhad is the religious capital of Iran

Architecture is a prominent form of art in Islam. The Imam Reza Shrine has a stunning form of architecture that includes mirrors, complex patterns and use of gold color that represents a holy and sacred place. These elements can be seen throughout the Islamic architecture that are both pure and unique.


If you are planning to visit Shiraz, a magical city in Iran, make sure you visit The Vakil Mosque. This place contains a sense of calmness and peace of mind that can be easily felt throughout the buildings. It was built by Karim Khan Zand in the 1750s. One of the amazing features of this sacred mosque is the Pearl Arch. It is the biggest arch in the mosque since it sits 20 meters high off the ground. It has a great turquoise color in various patterns and shapes on the inside.

The Vakil mosque was built during the Zand period

If you enter the main hall of the Vakil Mosque during day time, you will be faced with an amazing combination of pillars that reflect the colorful lights that come in from the windows. Each window of the mosque is made out of colorful glass that was both built and installed in 1750. The scene that you get to experience is truly mesmerizing.


Once again, let’s roam the streets of Shiraz and let’s visit the Shah Cheragh Mosque. This mosque includes the common traits of Islamic culture, which are the use of gold color, mirrors in various forms and shapes, and great big arches. The beauty of this mosque is more prominent in the night; when the lights turn on and the whole shrine starts shining in glory.

Shah Cheragh Of Shiraz
Shah Cheragh is the third most important shrine in Shia Islam in Iran

This mosque contains the tomb of two important people in the Islamic history. Muhammad and Ahmad are the sons of Imam Musa and the tomb belongs to them. When Ahmad was traveling through Iran to visit his brother, Imam Reza, he got murdered in Shiraz and later, the mosque was built in order to pay respect to him. It became a sacred place for pilgrims and visitors.

A country such as Iran, with rich history and amazing stories, never gets old. Sacred and holy places in Iran are the symbol of Iranian people and its amazing culture that stems from Islam. These pilgrim sites gather many visitors, both Muslims and foreign, in which they get to enjoy the amazing architecture and the meaningful value it provides. From Fatima Masoumeh Shrine in Qom to Shah Cheragh Mosque in Shiraz, each one of them respectfully represents the Iranian culture mixed with Islam and its values. It amazes the tourists who get a chance to visit these sacred places and it resonates with Muslims throughout the world.

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