Transportation in Iran: Navigating the Country’s Networks

Learn about transportation types in Iran

In the past years, Iran started to chase its future and tried to be close to what people say; modernity. Compared to the other third countries Iran has got great success in this way.

The advancement of transportation in Iran is the greatest one. The transportation system in Iran has made significant progress in the last years and fairly that was well–to–do.

Transportation in Iran: Navigating the Country’s Networks

One of the most important issues to consider before a person starts his journey is knowing about the transportation system at the destination. Having information about transportation at the aim place could help you to predict how much you need to spend on transportation. In addition, you would know if any application is needed to navigate or find your way.

Airport Tehran
International Airport Of Tehran

As a stranger you communicate hardly with destination people, due to asking your way or finding out how to get to your goal; that is why making yourself familiar in advance with the destination is a good point for travelers. If you planned to visit Iran, this writing could help you to know how to navigate Iran and get some data about transportation there.

Transportation in Iran includes domestic flights, trains, buses, taxis, and private vehicles.

Linking Iran Cities

There are many options to reach from one city to another in Iran, based on your preference, budget, or your time you can take any of them.


Luckily air networks in Iran have developed widely. Several airlines carry numerous passengers daily from north to south, east to west.

Iran Air Airline
Iran Air Was Founded In May 1944.

Mahan, Iran Air, Zagros, Gheshm Air, and Aseman are only some of the airlines in Iran.

Mehrabad is the most and main airport located in Tehran which supports domestic flights. Imam Khomeini is an international airport located in Tehran’s suburbs.

Domestic flights are a good suggestion to travel between cities. There is no worry, flights are safe and the quality is acceptable. Depending on your flight class (charter or systemic) day, time, and some holidays the ticket prices have changed.

Qeshm Air
Qeshm Air Airline

Please note that flights in Iran may face some delays (like any country in the world) so this is a normal matter.

Some cities have no airport and you have to reach the nearest airport to your destinations. But there is no worry; taxies at the airport are prepared to take you to your goal.


Is the other option to link Iran cities. Railroads are extended across Iran and most cities are linked in this way. In compare with airplane, train tickets prices are cheaper and many people prefer to travel by train. Of course, there are different types of trains with different classes and facilities.

A Train Passes Through Markazi Province In Iran

High–speed trains are more comfortable and offer high prices. Raja and Fadak are major Iranian trains. 1.394 km of railways in Iran is registered by UNESCO that is planned to extend more.


The bus network is the other choice to move from one city to another. Almost in every city, there is a bus terminal with a variety of timetables even overnight. Two types of buses are provided; standard and VIP.

Surely VIP buses are well furnished, safer, and offer restful seats. In long–hours travel taking VIP buses are a better selection. VIP buses offer amusement like seat screens, leaning back seats, Wi-Fi, and serving snacks and drinks.

Vip Bus
A Vip Bus On The Road To The North

Mostly Long journeys have some stops and passengers could enjoy meals at road restaurants and get some fresh air.

VIP buses demand more ticket prices, which is completely worth it.


Taxies are the other one of public vehicles and are the fastest and somehow easiest type.

Taxi terminals are as well prepared in each city of Iran. Many people prefer to take a taxi with an extra seat and spend their trip more convenient.

Taxi Airport
With Modern Taxis In Iran, You Can Easily Transfer Between Cities

In people’s view traveling by taxi is an enjoyable adventure. The imagination of spending time on Chalous road with a Toyota taxi isn’t an inimitable scene?!

Urban Transportation

Depending on the size of the city, movement inside could be different; however, the role of the city and the amount of its importance affects this matter.

For instance Tehran as a capital benefits from modern and newest transportation technology. Mostly Iran city’s transportation includes taxis (shared and private), buses, and subways.


In some cities like Tehran, you can see taxis everywhere! They are mostly in green or yellow colors. Some taxis move from one exact point to another (called Khati). We can find them on main squares or streets. The prices are identified by related authorities and mostly paid in cash.

Tehran Taxi
Yellow Colored Taxis At The Capital, Tehran

In the past years, some applications like Tapsi and Snapp have been made due to transport passengers. They are kinds of online taxis and are available 24 hours a day.


Van taxis are used in public transport in Tehran and many cities. The capacity of each van is about 10 people, so you will have to wait until it is full. Vans are available besides taxies at terminal or main streets.

Van Taxi
Van Taxi System In Tehran


Buses could be found in every city in Iran. Because of low costs, some people prefer to use buses.

In the capital of Iran, Tehran, bus rapid transit (BRT) is available. These buses are bigger and faster and link north to south and east to west of Tehran. High number of BRT passengers has been registered and this is the big issue with this type of bus, crowded!!

Brt Buses
Brt Or Bus Rapid Transit Is One The Famous Commiting Systems In Iran

What’s more, Isfahan, Mashhad and Tabriz enjoy from BRT.


Tehran was the first city that benefits from the Metro, for a city like Tehran that was a vital matter.

Tehran metro carries approximately 3 million passengers a day. This service is available from 04:30 am to 10:00 pm. Metro is a low–cost and fast system and consists of 7 lines.

Metro Station
A Metro Station In Tehran City

By using the Metro you can reach your destination easily and fast. This is a great choice to run from heavy traffic in Tehran.

Apart from Tehran, you can see subways in Mashhad, Tabriz, Isfahan, and Shiraz.

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