Dowlatabad Garden, Yazd

Rich History and Architectural Wonders of this UNESCO World Heritage site

Dowlatabad Garden stands as a prominent tourist destination in Yazd city, being one of the 9 Iranian gardens recognized by UNESCO. Historically, it served as the residence and seat of power for Mohammad Taqi Khan Bafqi, the ruler of Yazd, and his family.

Renowned for its exquisite layout, lush greenery, and serene ambiance, Dowlatabad Garden attracts numerous visitors exploring the historic city of Yazd. Situated in the Chaharmanar neighborhood, this garden holds the distinction of being one of the oldest gardens in Yazd.

The History of Dowlatabad Garden

Dowlat Abad Garden'S View From Above
Dowlat Abad Garden’s View from Above

The historical Dowlatabad Garden, also known as Charmanar, was established during the Zandiyeh period by Mohammad Taqi Khan. He commissioned the construction of a 65-kilometer-long aqueduct from Mehriz to Yazd, which brought prosperity to the region by irrigating agricultural lands. Subsequently, another aqueduct was built in the area and named Dowlat Abad, becoming a significant garden and the residence of rulers in Yazd.

Garden Design

Dowlatabad Garden'S Building
Dowlatabad Garden’s Building (photo by Wikipedia)

Garden design and landscaping is a unique feature of Iranian gardens. The garden is structured with two vertically stacked rectangular sections. The larger rectangle, known as main Dowlatabad Garden, serves as an inner garden that was originally a private garden and residence for the royal family. The smaller rectangle on the north side marks the outer garden boundary. Referred to as “Behesht Ayin” garden, this area has been utilized for government ceremonies and sports events.

Fountains of Dowlatabad Garden

Fountains Of Dowlatabad Garden, Yazd
Fountains of Dowlatabad Garden, Yazd

Similar to many Iranian gardens, the Dowlatabad garden boasts a captivating water feature that runs through its center. The garden’s design ensures a constant presence of water on its surface, enhancing its aesthetic appeal. Emerging from a petite fountain in a marble pool beneath the shelter of the building, the water gracefully cascades into another pool. Subsequently, it continues its journey, entering the Behesht Ayin Garden and eventually converging into a pool situated in the northern part of the mansion.

Dowlatabad Qanat

Dowlatabad Aqueduct In Yazd
Dowlatabad Aqueduct in Yazd

The Dowlatabad garden Qanat, a significant historical structure, has a remarkable age of over two centuries. It comprises five sets of aqueducts and spans approximately 60 km, making it one of the longest and most significant aqueducts in Yazd city. This aqueduct played a crucial role in irrigating and transforming the lands of Daulat Abad, bringing lush greenery to the region.

Dowlatabad Windcatcher

Hexagonal Shaped Windcatcher Of Dowlat Abad Garden In Yazd
Hexagonal Shaped Windcatcher of Dowlat Abad Garden in Yazd

The windcatcher at Dowlatabad Garden stands at a height of 33.8 meters, making it the tallest windcatcher globally. Its rectangular shape offers an octagonal view, allowing the wind to flow through the vents and descend. Adjacent to the wind turbine is a water pond. The scorching winds of the Yazd desert pass through the wooden fins of the wind turbine, shedding heat and providing a natural cooling effect.


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Dowlatabad Different Parts

Dowlatabad Garden is comprised of various sections, each offering its own unique charm. 

The Internal Section

Interior Of Dowlat Aabad Garden
Interior of Dowlat Aabad Garden

The internal section of the garden takes the form of a grand rectangle, serving as the main focal point of Dowlatabad. In the past, it served as the private garden and residence of the king. Every aspect of this section is meticulously designed with symmetry in mind. The central fountain, positioned at the heart of the garden, acts as the epitome of its symmetrical beauty.

The Outer Section

The smaller rectangular area situated in the northern part is called Jalokhan. It has been utilized for caravan settlements and government ceremonies. A large rectangular pond is constructed within this area, dividing it into two square sections. The outer part is the main section of the Behesht Ayin mansion, with the shared boundary of the inner and outer gardens being built on two levels.

Visiting Dowlatabad Garden Of Yazd
Visiting Dowlatabad Garden of Yazd

The Hashti Residence

Situated at the far end of Dowlatabad Garden, stands out as a significant structure within the garden. Featuring multiple wind catchers, the Hashti Residence facilitates air circulation and cooling within its halls and chambers. This two-level building comprises three regal quarters adorned with lattice doors, a marble pool, a wind tower and an entrance hall. The intricately decorated ceiling of the residence serves as a splendid showcase of Iranian art, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the interior.

Behesht Ayin

This sanctuary served as a winter retreat, strategically positioned to bask in the sun’s rays. Situated directly opposite the entrance hall, it acted as a demarcation between the external and internal realms. Nestled amidst these two structures, a meticulously landscaped green oasis flourishes, adorned with vibrant blooms and lush foliage, offering a captivating and enchanting panorama to behold.

Colorful Glass Windows Of Dowlatabad Garden'S Buildings
Colorful Glass Windows of Dowlatabad Garden’s Buildings

Dowlatabad Garden Specifications

  • Dowlatabad Garden, seats in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
  • It is home to one of Yazd’s most exquisite government and historical buildings.
  • Is renowned for its international recognition among the 9 Iranian gardens.
  • It boasts the tallest windmill globally, adding to its architectural significance. Within the captivating ambiance of this garden and its ancient structures, a traditional café awaits, promising delightful moments.
  • This garden offers enchanting evenings that are both beautiful and awe-inspiring.


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Final Words

The Dowlatabad Garden, an ancient Persian garden situated in Yazd, Iran, is famous for its 33.8-meter tall windcatcher, which stands as the tallest adobe-made structure of its type globally. Established in 1747, this garden showcases the classic Persian garden design, incorporating a seamless integration of architecture, water features, and lush vegetation. Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2011, it underscores its cultural importance and the innovative engineering of the Aqueduct system that initially provided irrigation for it.

Dowlatabad Garden Yazd FAQ

When could I visit Dowlatabad Garden?

Dowlatabad Garden is open, Sun – Sat 9:00 AM – 12:30 PM – Sun – Sat 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM.

What are the different parts of Dowlatabad Garden?

Dowlatabad Aqueduct, Behesht ayin, Hashti residence, windbreaker.

What was the efficiency of Dowlatabad Garden?

It served as the residence and seat of power for Mohammad Taqi Khan Bafqi, the ruler of Yazd.

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