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Find the Perfect Keepsake to Commemorate Your Visit to Isfahan

Isfahan is one of the largest and most beautiful cities in Iran, with numerous tourist attractions. This beautiful city attracts many Iranian and foreign tourists every year. Interestingly, alongside its abundant tourist attractions, Isfahan offers a variety of souvenirs, including delicious snacks like “Gaz” and “Sohan Asali” and beautiful handicrafts such as “Khatam-kari” (inlaid work), “Ghalam-zani” (metal engraving), and “Minakari” (enameling). These are great gifts and mementos to take home from this city. In this article, we will introduce the top 10 souvenirs of Isfahan.

Part 1: Edible Souvenirs of Isfahan


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The edible souvenirs associated with Isfahan are mostly categorized as sweets and pastries, which have a large fan base.

1. Gaz – The Most Famous Edible Souvenir of Isfahan

Isfahan'S Gaz
Isfahan’s Gaz

This delicious sweet has a history of several years and is made from a combination of ingredients such as a plant extract called “Gaz Angabin,” egg whites, rosewater, sugar, edible nuts like almonds and pistachios, honey, and more. Gaz comes in various types, including flour-based Gaz, Gaz layered with chocolate, low-calorie Gaz, and so on. Therefore, you can choose the most suitable type based on your taste.

2. Poolaki

Isfahan'S Poolaki
Isfahan’s Poolaki

Poolaki is a type of tasty confectionery that can be enjoyed on its own or accompanied by beverages like tea. The main ingredients used in making Poolaki are sugar, juice, water, honey, and other ingredients such as ginger, cinnamon, coconut powder, coriander, and cumin. Thyme, cacao and edible nuts such as sesame and pistachio are used as flavors in Polki and increase the taste of this candy.

3. Korkī pastry (fluffy pastry)

Korki Pastry Of Isfahan
Korkī Pastry of Isfahan

This delicious sweet has a very soft texture and is made from a combination of various types of flour and oil. It is produced in different flavors such as saffron, chocolate, and vanilla.

4. Sohan Asali

Sohan Asali, Isfahan
Sohan Asali, Isfahan

Sohan Asali is another delicious edible souvenir of Isfahan that can be enjoyed with a cup of tea. It contains nutritious ingredients such as water, honey, butter, sugar, wheat germ flour, rosewater, and saffron. It is decorated with pistachios and almonds.

5. Jooz-e Qandi (Rock Candy)

Jooz-E Qandi Of Isfahan
Jooz-e Qandi of Isfahan

Jooz-e Qandi, also known as rock candy, is a highly nutritious sweet that is often referred to as an energy bomb. It is commonly carried by athletes and mountaineers as a source of quick energy. It is made from fruits such as plum, fig, and in some cities, apricot and pear are used. Additionally, it includes edible nuts in its production. However, it is also the most expensive edible souvenir in Isfahan.

These are just a few examples of the delightful edible souvenirs you can find in Isfahan. Each has its own unique taste and charm, making them wonderful gifts to bring back home.

Part 2: Handicrafts

Another category of souvenirs from Isfahan are handicrafts, which offer fascinating beauty. Let’s continue to present the most important of them.

6. Khatam-kari (inlaid work)


This ancient art form dates back to the Safavid era. Khatam-kari involves decorating the surface of wooden or metal parts with complex geometric patterns and polygons. These beautifully crafted pieces can be used for a variety of purposes such as boxes, vases, clocks and more. Different materials like wood, metal, gold, silver, ebony and bone are used to create these patterns. of.

7. Ghalam-zani

Ghalam-Zani Art Of Isfahan
Ghalam-zani Art of Isfahan

Another authentic Iranian art is Ghalam-zani, which is the art of carving metal objects. Skilled craftsmen use fine tools to create intricate designs, calligraphy and poetry on surfaces made of copper, silver, gold or brass. Objects created with Ghalam-zan, such as trays, samovars and vases, serve both decorative and functional purposes.

8. Enamelwork (Minakari)

Enamelwork Plate (Minakari)
Enamelwork Plate (Minakari)

This art has a history of 5,000 years. It is used to create decorations and paintings on metals such as gold, copper, and silver, as well as Clay and China vessels. It’s important to note that the enameled vessels are baked to fix the colors. The colors used in enameled vessels are often turquoise blue, which can symbolize the blue sky, and in some cases, red, purple, brown, black, yellow, and green colors are also used.

9. Qalamkar Fabrics

Qalamkar Fabrics Of Isfahan
Qalamkar Fabrics of Isfahan

One of the most famous and authentic handicrafts of Isfahan is Qalamkar fabrics. In this art, tools such as wooden molds, stamps, or brushes are used to create miniature patterns, floral motifs, and natural landscapes on the fabric. The fabrics used in this art are usually made of cotton, Karbas, and linen, and they are known for their high quality and durability. You can use these beautiful fabrics to make clothes, tablecloths, and curtains.

10. Monabbat kari (Woodcarving)

Monabbat Kari Art Of Isfahan
Monabbat kari Art of Isfahan

Another traditional handicraft that you can purchase as a souvenir from Isfahan is woodcarving. In woodcarving, intricate and creative designs are carved on wood types such as Boxwood, walnut, and pear. The patterns used are usually based on authentic Iranian designs. It’s interesting to note that the history of this art dates back to the Achaemenid era, where carving and woodwork were used on weapons such as swords, spears, and shields.

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Wrap it up

In addition to the mentioned souvenirs above, there are other items such as Nabat (rock candy), Phirni and Goshfil (A kind of sweets) in the food category, and handicrafts such as carpets, copper utensils, and calligraphy paintings. To purchase any of these Isfahan souvenirs, you can visit the historical section of Isfahan and its traditional bazaars like Qeisarieh Bazaar, the shops around Naghsh-e Jahan Square, and the Isfahan Art Bazaar located next to Hasht Behesht Street. There are also numerous shops throughout the city that offer Isfahan’s edible and non-edible souvenirs. If you plan to travel to Isfahan, we anticipate an enjoyable and memorable trip for you.


What are the 10 famous souvenirs of Isfahan?

Isfahan has a variety of souvenirs, including Delicious sweets items such as Gaz, Sohan Asali, Poolaki, Korkī pastry and Jooz-e Qandi, as well as beautiful handicrafts such as Khatam-kari, Ghalam-zani, Minakari (Enamelwork), and Monabbat kari (Woodcarving). These can be taken home as gifts and mementos from Isfahan.

What is the most famous edible souvenir of Isfahan?

Gaz is known as the most famous edible souvenir of Isfahan. This delightful sweet is made from a combination of ingredients, including Gaz Angabin (a plant extract), egg whites, rosewater, sugar, edible nuts like almonds and pistachios, bidmeshk (a fragrant resin), and honey.

Can you explain about Khatam Kari of Isfahan?

Khatam-kari is a traditional Persian marquetry art form that is predominantly decorative. In Khatam-kari, the surface of wooden or metal pieces is transformed into intricate geometric and polygonal patterns. Various materials like wood, metal, gold, silver, ebony wood, and bone are used to create the designs.

Where can I purchase souvenirs and handicrafts in Isfahan?

To purchase Isfahan’s souvenirs, you can visit traditional bazaars such as Qeisarieh Bazaar and the shops around Naqsh-e Jahan Square, as well as the Isfahan Art Bazaar located alongside Hasht Behesht Street.

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