4 Apartment Hotels Near the Holy Shrine in Mashhad

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Mashhad, due to its special status, has numerous hotels. However, apartment hotels near the Holy Shrine are particularly popular. They are close to the shrine and help reduce travel costs, allowing guests to cook and feel at home. In this article, OrientTrips introduces several apartment hotels near the Holy Shrine in Mashhad.

Arman Apartment Hotel: A New Apartment Hotel Near the Shrine

Arman Apartment Hotel, Mashhad
Arman Apartment Hotel, Mashhad

Arman Apartment Hotel is a newly built and entirely Mashhadi hotel. It has all the characteristics one would expect from a Mashhad hotel. It is close to the shrine, clean, and the staff is polite. All amenities, including bedding and toiletries, are new. The hotel offers special facilities like two restaurants (Yas and Saffron) with Iranian and international dishes, a sports complex with a pool, Turkish bath, children’s pool, sauna, and jacuzzi. It also has conveniences like a tailor, confectionery, and shopping center.


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The hotel’s rooftop garden offers a beautiful view of the city. The spacious and comfortable rooms make guests feel at home. Arman Apartment Hotel is 500 meters from the Holy Shrine of Imam Reza (AS) and offers a direct view of the courtyard.

Boshra Apartment Hotel: The Largest Apartment Hotel in Iran

Boshra Apartment Hotel, Mashhad
Boshra Apartment Hotel, Mashhad

Boshra Apartment Hotel is one of the largest apartment hotels near the shrine in Mashhad, located directly opposite the Bab al-Jawad entrance. It is also close to famous sights and markets like Reza Bazaar. This four-star hotel, opened in 2009, offers a variety of facilities. In addition to single and double rooms, it has suites and apartments, all of which are spacious and comfortable. The hotel’s restaurant menu features various Iranian and international dishes, and the hotel excels in hospitality.

Mehr Apartment Hotel: An Apartment Hotel Close to the Shrine

Mehr Apartment Hotel, Mashhad
Mehr Apartment Hotel, Mashhad

Mehr Apartment Hotel is a three-star hotel and one of the most experienced apartment hotels near the shrine in Mashhad. The hotel’s proximity to the shrine makes it convenient, with only a five-minute walk. It is less than twenty minutes from Shahid Hasheminejad Airport and Mashhad’s central train station. Mehr Hotel has multiple apartment units, including 37 one-bedroom, 15 two-bedroom units, and one suite, all equipped with a kitchen, living rooms, two bathrooms, and free breakfast. Additionally, Mehr Hotel has a restaurant with a diverse menu, making it a popular choice.

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Yalda Apartment Hotel: An Apartment Hotel with Spacious Rooms

Yalda Apartment Hotel, Mashhad
Yalda Apartment Hotel, Mashhad

Yalda Apartment Hotel is a two-star hotel with four floors and 16 well-equipped and stylish apartments. Despite being a two-star hotel, it offers many amenities similar to higher-star hotels. It is a 20-minute walk to the shrine, and the hotel provides a free shuttle service to the shrine from 8 AM to 5 PM. Another advantage is that the apartments are equipped with kitchens and all necessary amenities. The rooms are well-lit and spacious, making guests feel at home. Yalda Apartment Hotel offers various daily services to different parts of the city, sightseeing spots, and markets.

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