5 Hotels Near the Holy Shrine in Mashhad

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Mashhad is the most visited city in Iran, which is why it has many hotels. One of the essential factors in choosing a hotel in Mashhad is proximity to the Holy Shrine of Imam Reza (AS). While many hotels are close to the shrine, selecting the best one that offers good value and a memorable stay is crucial. In this article from OrientTrips, we introduce five hotels near the shrine that meet these criteria.

1. Idris Hotel Mashhad

Idris Hotel In Mashhad
Idris Hotel in Mashhad

Idris Hotel is one of the closest hotels to the Holy Shrine in Mashhad, located in Baitul Muqaddas Square. Due to its proximity, it is a popular choice for many travelers.

Idris Hotel was opened in 2005 and, despite being a two-star hotel, offers complete amenities. All 71 suite apartments are equipped with furniture, a kitchen, a television, and internet. The hotel also has three separate dining halls and a coffee shop.


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The staff is courteous, and the hotel’s location is excellent. It is close to Mashhad’s attractions, such as the Carpet Museum and the Mashhad Carpet Bazaar. The Astan Quds Razavi Museum, Mellat Park, and Mashhad Zoo are also nearby. For shopping enthusiasts, the Arman and Almas Shargh shopping centers are close by.

2. Noor Hotel Mashhad

Noor Hotel In Mashhad
Noor Hotel in Mashhad

Noor Hotel is just a five-minute walk from the Holy Shrine, located near the Bab al-Jawad entrance. Along the way, you can visit the Anthropology Museum, Nader Shah’s Tomb, and the Khisht Dome.

Noor Hotel is a stylish three-star hotel with a neat and tidy building. It features a traditional restaurant with Iranian cuisine and another restaurant offering international dishes and fast food, ensuring guests have diverse dining options.

The hotel is a short walk from major shopping centers and Mashhad’s Grand Bazaar, making it even more popular. Noor Hotel also offers complete amenities such as covered parking, a 24-hour taxi service, and complimentary breakfast served in the room.

3. Sadeghiyeh Apartment Hotel Mashhad

Sadeghiyeh Apartment Hotel In Mashhad
Sadeghiyeh Apartment Hotel in Mashhad

Sadeghiyeh Apartment Hotel is just 300 meters from the shrine. Despite being a three-star hotel, it offers full amenities. It opened in 2005 and quickly became a favorite among travelers due to its reasonable prices and good services.

The hotel provides a taxi service and a travel agency, making it easy to reach all parts of the city. The travel agency also offers services for traveling to other cities. Breakfast is served buffet-style, and lunch and dinner come with a menu of eight dishes to choose from.

Rooms and apartments are equipped with a kitchen, furniture, internet, and both Western and Iranian bathrooms, making guests feel at home. The hotel also features a shop, library, and parking, meeting all the expectations of a good hotel.

4. Atlas Hotel Mashhad

Atlas Hotel In Mashhad
Atlas Hotel in Mashhad

Atlas Hotel is a long-standing hotel near the Holy Shrine in Mashhad, welcoming travelers since 1976. It underwent renovations in 1999, adding various amenities such as a gym, currency exchange, and shopping center.

Atlas Hotel has an excellent location, being just a three-minute walk from the shrine. It is also close to Nader Shah’s Tomb, Reza Bazaar, Mirza Kuchak Khan Park, and Vahdat Park.

Shopping centers like the Goharshad Commercial Complex, which offers baby clothes and accessories, and the Toos Vanak Commercial Center are nearby. The hotel has two buildings, north and south, with a large capacity for guests. It offers single and double rooms and fully equipped apartments.

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5. Other Hotels Near the Shrine in Mashhad

  • Atrak Hotel: A four-star hotel located in Baitul Muqaddas Square, Water Square, next to Reza Bazaar.
  • Razaviyeh Hotel: A three-star hotel located in Baitul Muqaddas Square, next to Reza Bazaar.
  • Ghasr al-Ziafeh Hotel: A five-star hotel located in the Holy Shrine complex, Hedayat Courtyard.
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