Yazd Fire Temple

A Timeless Zoroastrian Sanctuary

The Yazd Fire Temple, also known as the Bahram (Varharan) Fire Temple, is one of the important symbols of the historical city of Yazd that is recognized as a place of worship for Zoroastrians. It is interesting to know that the fire within this fire temple has remained lit for more than 1,500 years.

Fire has a special place in ancient Iran and the fire in this Fire Temple has been one of the sacred fires of Zoroastrianism from the Sassanid period to the present day.

The sacred Fire Temple was added to the list of the national cultural heritage of Iran in 1999 AD.

History of the Yazd Fire Temple

Fire Temple Of Yazd, Iran
Fire Temple of Yazd, Iran

The fire present in the Yazd Fire Temple was initially kept in the Great Fire Temple of the city of Yazd. After the destruction of this fire temple, the fire was transferred to a cave in the city of Yazd and was kept there for 30 years. Then it was moved to a village where the Zoroastrians lived and was protected there for two centuries. After several more transfers, this fire was finally housed in a building constructed during the Pahlavi era and the reign of Reza Shah in 1934 CE, which is known as the Bahram Fire Temple.

Yazd Fire Temple Architecture

The Bahram Fire Temple in Yazd is a simple but beautiful piece of architecture. The design of this fire temple follows the principles of spatial hierarchy and zoning inspired by the Parsi fire temple architecture in India.

Below we present the different parts of the Yazd Fire Temple and their architecture.

Courtyard of the Yazd Fire Temple

Courtyard Of The Yazd Fire Temple
Courtyard of the Yazd Fire Temple

The courtyard of the Yazd Fire Temple features a garden with pine and cypress trees. At the entrance to the courtyard of the Fire Temple, opposite the building of the Fire Temple, is a large round pond.

The construction of this turquoise pond is based on the concept of placing water and fire next to each other. Interestingly, ancient Iranians believed that throwing a coin into the pond would make their wishes come true.

Yazd Fire Temple Building

Yazd Fire Temple Building
Yazd Fire Temple Building

The Fire Temple building is of simple architecture, without any ornate design, and is located in the middle of a green courtyard.

It is about 21 metres high and 1.4 metres above ground level. The Fire Temple is accessed by climbing eight flights of stairs. The building is made of bricks and adobe, making it very durable.

Entrance to the Zoroastrian Fire Temple

Entrance To The Zoroastrian Fire Temple
Entrance to the Zoroastrian Fire Temple

The outer capitals of the building and the floral stones on the exterior walls were designed by artists from Isfahan.

The entrance portal displays a design of a faravahar (one of the sacred symbols of Zoroastrianism, representing part of the divine essence) created by a Yazdi artist.

Rooms inside the Fire Temple

Rooms Inside The Fire Temple
Rooms inside the Fire Temple

Around the central fire altar are various rooms where Zoroastrians can pray. The interior walls display inscriptions from the Avesta, the Zoroastrian holy book, and statues of Zoroaster. The sacred fire can be seen from every room.

This fire is placed in a part of the building so that it is away from the wind and the person who maintains it is known as Hirbad.

From a Zoroastrian point of view, fire is considered sacred and pure, and human breath must not come into direct contact with the fire.

Therefore, a Glass windows were installed in the rooms to avoid direct contact, so that Zoroastrians could see the fire from behind the glass and pray.

The Varjavand Hall

The Varjavand Hall, Yazd Fire Temple
The Varjavand Hall, Yazd Fire Temple

This hall, named Varjavand, was built in 1939 and renovated in 2002. It was originally a space for Zoroastrian religious ceremonies and worship. Currently, the Varjavand Hall has been converted into an exhibition showcasing the customs and traditions of the Zoroastrian community. You can see replicas of people wearing traditional Zoroastrian clothes, who are praying and performing rituals such as wearing a Sedreh (Sedreh pushi). In addition, there are paintings and pictures of Zoroaster in this place.

Yazd Fire Temple Reservoir

Yazd Fire Remple Water Reservoir
Yazd Fire Temple Water Reservoir

The basement of this fire temple has a water reservoir that previously had the function of supplying water to the fire temple area.

The entrance to this reservoir has now been converted into an exhibition showcasing photographs of Zoroastrians and their customs and traditions. To enter the water reservoir, there is a short corridor and doorway through which you can view the interior.

Inside the reservoir, you can see on the wall, there were places for foot placement so that people can enter or exit in in emergency situations.

Important Notes for Visiting the Yazd Fire Temple

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If you are a general visitor wishing to see the fire temple, it is important to respect the customs and traditions of the Zoroastrians and not interfere with their religious ceremonies. You can observe the sacred fire from behind the glass, but do not attempt to approach the fire.

Visiting Hours for the Yazd Fire Temple

You can visit the complex from 8 AM to 12 PM and 4 PM to 8 PM every day. Please note that the fire temple is closed on public holidays.

Sacred Fire Of Yazd Fire Temple
Sacred Fire of Yazd Fire Temple

Accessing the Yazd Fire Temple

The fire temple is located in the Ayatollah Kashani Street area of Yazd, so you can visit it by private vehicle or using public transportation such as buses.

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Wrap it Up

The Yazd Fire Temple is one of the most significant tourist attractions in the city of Yazd, drawing many domestic and international visitors each year.

This temple is also a place of worship for Zoroastrians of Yazd and therefore it is a sacred place for them.

If you are visiting this site, please respect the religious customs and traditions of the Zoroastrians.

We look forward to welcoming you to the historic and beautiful city of Yazd.


What are the different parts of the Yazd Fire Temple complex?

The outdoor area of the Fire Temple has a courtyard with a beautiful turquoise pool. There is also a water reservoir located underground beneath the main building. Inside the central building, the eternal flame of the Fire Temple, which has been burning for over 1500 years, is maintained. The complex also includes a hall known as the Varjavand.

What are the access routes to the Yazd Fire Temple?

The Fire Temple is located in the Ayatollah Kashani Street area of Yazd, so in addition to personal vehicles, you can also visit this site using public transportation like buses.

What are the visiting hours for the Yazd Fire Temple?

You can visit the complex in the mornings from 8 AM to 12 PM, and in the afternoons from 4 PM to 8 PM. Please note that the Fire Temple is closed on public holidays.

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