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Isfahan boasts a wealth of cultural heritage and breathtaking architecture, making it a premier destination for tourists. As one of Iran’s primary tourist centers, Isfahan attracts numerous foreign visitors annually. The city offers a wide range of accommodations, including luxurious five-star hotels and more budget-friendly traditional options. In this article, we present the top 7 hotels in Isfahan.

Isfahan is a destination that captivates all visitors with its numerous attractions like Naqsh-e Jahan Square, palaces, and historic bridges. The hotels in this city are strategically situated near these points of interest, providing convenient access. Whether it’s the luxurious Hotel with a picturesque view of Zayandeh River or the budget-friendly accommodations with practical amenities, Isfahan offers a variety of lodging options to suit every traveler’s needs.

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The Top 7 Hotels In Isfahan

1. Abbasi Hotel

Abbasi Hotel, Isfahan
Abbasi Hotel, Isfahan

The Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan, stands as a remarkable architectural marvel situated in the heart of the city’s historic district. With a history spanning over 300 years, this esteemed establishment holds the title of being the world’s oldest guest house, serving as a testament to Iran’s vibrant heritage and cultural legacy. Drawing inspiration from the Safavid era, the Abbasi Hotel’s captivating design has transformed it into a captivating haven for aficionados of history and architecture. Initially constructed in 1106 AH under the directive of Shah Sultan Hossein Safavi, the hotel initially served as a school, bazaar, and caravanserai.

Abbasi Hotel, boasting 225 rooms and suites, 14 reception halls, and various restaurants and cafes, welcomes travelers seeking a distinctive historical accommodation experience. Situated in the historical setting of Isfahan city, along with convenient proximity to popular tourist attractions like Hasht Behesht Palace, Si-o-se-pol, and Naqsh-e Jahan Square, this hotel has become a favored destination for visitors.

2. Atigh Hotel

Atigh Hotel, Isfahan
Atigh Hotel, Isfahan

Nestled in the historic city of Isfahan, Atigh Hotel provides a distinctive combination of tradition and comfort. This hotel, which has a 200-year-old heritage, serves as a testament to Iran’s rich cultural legacy. As a registered national heritage site, the Atigh Hotel invites guests to indulge in the grandeur of the Qajar era while enjoying modern amenities.

The hotel’s architecture is truly remarkable, featuring two courtyards, traditional Iranian windcatchers, and intricate latticework that transport visitors to a bygone era. Atigh Hotel boasts 30 rooms, each adorned with authentic Persian decor and equipped with the conveniences of contemporary accommodation. The rooms offer a peaceful view of the courtyards, where guests can relish the tranquil sound of flowing water from the fountains, a characteristic feature of Persian gardens.

3. Parsian Kausar Hotel

Parsian Kowsar Hotel, Isfahan
Parsian Kowsar Hotel, Isfahan

Parsian Kausar Hotel, situated alongside the picturesque Zayandeh river, stands as one of the most splendid five-star hotels in Isfahan city. Boasting a total of 225 accommodation units, it holds the distinction of being one of the largest hotels in Isfahan. With its array of amenities including double rooms, junior suites, turquoise suites, royal suites, and luxurious duplex suites, the hotel ensures an unforgettable experience for its esteemed guests.

Within the premises of the hotel, guests can indulge in a culinary journey with the presence of restaurants offering traditional, Iranian, and Italian dishes. These dining options are available both indoors and in the garden area, providing a delightful dining experience for all.

Furthermore, Parsian Kausar Hotel takes pride in its diverse range of recreational and comfort facilities. From a refreshing swimming pool to a rejuvenating sauna, a relaxing jacuzzi, and a well-equipped gym, the hotel guarantees a vibrant and gratifying environment for its valued guests.

4. The Parsian Ali Qapu Hotel

Parsian Ali Qapu Hotel, Isfahan
Parsian Ali Qapu Hotel, Isfahan

Situated in the heart of Isfahan city, is a magnificent four-star hotel known for its traditional and historical architecture. With 106 well-equipped accommodation units, this hotel has become a popular choice among tourists due to its close proximity to the city’s major tourist and historical attractions, such as the Si-o-se-pol, Khajou Bridge, and Naqsh-e Jahan Square.

One of the notable features of this hotel is the cobblestone street of Chaharbagh Abbasi, which restricts car traffic up to the hotel entrance. However, the hotel has addressed this limitation by providing a complimentary electric car shuttle service from the parking lot to the hotel.

5. Khajou Hotel Isfahan

Khaju Hotel, Isfahan
Khajou Hotel, Isfahan

Renowned for its stunning architecture and prime location, stands out as an exceptional choice for accommodation in the historic city of Isfahan. This esteemed three-star hotel, situated on Khajou Street, commenced its operations in 2016 and boasts 114 well-appointed rooms spread across 6 floors, ensuring a comfortable stay for discerning travelers.

The rooms at Khajou Hotel are designed to provide utmost comfort and convenience to guests, featuring amenities such as central split air conditioning, LED TV, mini bar, electric kettle, hair dryer, and digital safe deposit box. Furthermore, complimentary wireless internet, parking facilities, an exquisite restaurant, and a conference hall are among the additional offerings provided by Khajou Hotel to enhance the overall experience for its esteemed guests.

6. Chaharbagh Hotel

Chaharbagh Hotel, Isfahan
Chaharbagh Hotel, Isfahan

located in the heart of the historical context of Chaharbagh Abbasi in Isfahan city, is a luxurious five-star hotel that offers a truly unique experience for its guests. With its modern design and exceptional amenities, this hotel ensures a memorable stay in a city renowned for its rich culture and history. The hotel boasts 138 accommodation units, including a variety of rooms and suites, catering to the needs of discerning travelers seeking luxury and comfort.

Guests can indulge in the hotel’s exceptional facilities, which include two restaurants offering a diverse range of Iranian and international cuisines, a coffee shop, a rooftop garden, a billiard hall, a children’s playroom, a laundry service, and a spa center complete with massage parlors, a hairdressing salon, a swimming pool, a sauna, and a jacuzzi. Additionally, the hotel provides covered parking and a conference hall, ideal for hosting celebrations, seminars, and conferences.

7. Piroozy Hotel

Piroozy Hotel, Isfahan
Piroozy Hotel, Isfahan

With over forty years of experience in the hospitality industry, the Isfahan Piroozy hotel stands out as a renowned and dependable establishment in the heart of Isfahan’s historic city. Situated in Imam Hossein Square, this four-star hotel offers convenient access to Isfahan’s cultural and historical landmarks, including Chehel soton Garden and Mansion, Imam Mosque, and Isfahan Grand Bazaar, thanks to its prime location.

The hotel boasts a range of amenities, such as Iranian and international dining options, a coffee shop, complimentary high-speed internet, private parking, and a conference hall. Staying at Piroozy hotel allows guests to immerse themselves in a blend of traditional and modern architectural styles and decor, while also experiencing Isfahan’s rich culture and enjoying the modern conveniences and luxuries of the world.

Final Words

Isfahan, a renowned tourist destination in Iran, attracts numerous visitors from both domestic and international locations each year. The city offers a wide range of accommodation options, catering to various preferences and budgets. From standard suites to opulent multi-star hotels, Isfahan has it all. To ensure a hassle-free stay, it is advisable to make advance reservations for your accommodation prior to your trip to Isfahan.

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The Top 7 Hotels in Isfahan FAQ

What are the most known hotels in Isfahan?

Piroozy Hotel, Chaharbagh Hotel, Atigh Hotel and Abbasi Hotel are the most known hotels in Isfahan.

Which facilities stands in Khajo hotel?

114 rooms, LED TV, mini bar, electric kettle, hair dryer, and digital safe deposit box are some of the facilities in Khajo hotel.

Is there any suite in Isfahan to reserve?

Yes, in addition to hotels, there are many suites in Isfahan.

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