Exploring Mehrabad Airport: A Gateway to Tehran

Unveiling the Dynamic World of Mehrabad Airport

Mehrabad Airport, situated to the west of Tehran, is renowned as Iran’s primary hub for domestic flights, catering to a significant volume of daily air travel within the country.

In addition to Mehabad, there exists another airport in Tehran called Imam Khomeini, catering to international destinations. In these words you are reading exploring Mehrabad Airport: A Gateway to Tehran.

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The History of Mehrabad Airport

Mehrabad Airport In Tehran
Mehrabad Airport in Tehran (photo by Wikipedia)

Mehrabad, situated in the western part of Tehran, is one of Iran’s largest airports. Its establishment dates back to 1938. The airport derives its name from the former South Mehrabad village, which used to occupy the same area. Originally known as “Hossein Abad,” the village was owned by Haji Mirza Aghasi, who served as the chancellor of Mohammad Shah Qajar. Haji Mirza Aghasi gifted Hossein Abad to Naser al-Din Shah, and later, Asmat al-Dawlah, the daughter of Naser al-Din Shah and the wife of Dost Mohammad Khan Moayer al-Mamalek, bestowed upon it the name and income of Mehr Abad as a dowry.

During the reign of Reza Shah in 1925, the German aviation company Junkers was granted the exclusive right of aviation. Subsequently, the establishment of the pilot club paved the way for the foundation of Mehrabad Airport by this company in 1938, equipped with twenty planes. In 1946, the initial batch of Air Force pilots was dispatched to America, marking the commencement of Air Force operations in Mehrabad using F-86 Sabres and T-33 aircraft in 1949. The development of aviation and Iran’s membership in the ICAO organization contributed to the significant growth of the passenger and cargo air transport industry at Mehrabad, Iran’s primary airport.

The Story of Mehrabad Airport after Revolution 

Mehrabad International Airport
Mehrabad International Airport (photo by Wikimedia Commons)

After revolution and in the year 2005, Mehrabad Airport operated with a total of 6 terminals, each serving different functions. Terminal 1 and 2 were designated for the flights of Iran Air, Iran Air Tour, Ata Air, and Qeshm Air. Terminal No. 3 was specifically allocated for Haj. As for terminals four, five, and six, they were utilized for the departure and arrival of flights from various other airlines. During that year, Mehrabad Airport successfully managed over 70,000 transit flights, 10,000 domestic flights, and 30,000 international arrivals and departures.

In the year mentioned, Iran’s airports had a capacity of 61 million passengers annually. Out of these, 90% of the passengers chose to fly from 12 specific airports. Mehrabad Airport served 45% of the passengers, while the provincial capital airports catered to another 45%. The remaining 10% of passengers utilized the satellite airports.

Mehrabad Airport In 2024

Inside Mehrabad Airport
Inside Mehrabad Airport

Mehrabad Airport is expected to welcome approximately 18 million passengers annually by 2024, thanks to the collaboration of 15 domestic airlines. The airport boasts 4 terminals, ensuring efficient operations for travelers. Additionally, Mehrabad Airport offers ample parking space with 5 parking lots, accommodating up to 7000 cars. To enhance the passenger experience, a total of 10 companies, in partnership with various food and clothing brands, as well as internal and external service providers, are dedicated to delivering top-notch services within the terminals of Mehrabad Airport.

Mehrabad Airport possesses a flight control tower and is furnished with Retion and Aria radars. Flight operations are conducted using two runways and a primary taxiway. Additionally, Mehrabad Airport is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and equipment in the security and fire department, ensuring preparedness for any unexpected occurrences. At present, the eastern and western aprons of Mehrabad Airport have the capability to accommodate approximately 50 medium-sized aircraft. Three handling companies are entrusted with the responsibility of transporting cargo and passengers between the terminal and the flight levels, facilitating seamless travel experiences.

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Mehrabad Terminals

Mehrabad airport consists of a total of six terminals. Specifically, terminals one, two, and six handle incoming flights, while terminals one, two, and four cater to outgoing flights.

Terminal 1

In particular, offers various amenities including a public hall, prayer room, restaurant, coffee shop, and book stand. It serves as the designated terminal for outgoing flights operated by Kish Air, Zagros, and Varesh Airlines at Mehrabad Airport.

Mehrabad Airport Terminals
Mehrabad Airport Terminals

Terminal 2

At Mehrabad airport accommodates various amenities including a transit hall, public hall, restaurant, coffee shop, and prayer room, among others. This terminal primarily serves as the arrival terminal for Kish Air, Zagros, and Varash airlines. Additionally, it functions as the departure terminal for Ata Airlines, Qeshm Air Airlines, Meraj Airlines, Karoon Airlines, Iran Air Airlines, and Iran Airtour Airlines for outgoing Mehrabad flights.

Terminal 4

Exclusively caters to outgoing flights. The amenities available in the other terminals can also be found in this particular terminal. All flights departing from Mehrabad Airport by Aseman, Mahan, Taban, Caspian, Etrak, Pooya, and Sahav Sepehran Airlines are scheduled from Terminal 4.

Terminal 6

At Mehrabad Airport serves as the designated reception area for passengers whose flights have been delayed. As a result, this terminal is equipped with various amenities, including buffets and restaurants. Additionally, Terminal 6 handles all incoming flights from Aseman, Mahan, Taban, Caspian, Etrak, Pooya, Saha, and Sepehran airlines.

Mehrabad Accessibility

Accessing To Mehrabad Airport By Metro
Accessing to Mehrabad Airport by Metro (photo by Wikipedia)

Mehrabad Airport is located at the following address:

Tehran, Azadi Square, km 1 of Lashgari highway (special road), airport roundabout, Airport Street.

To access the airport with a private car, just drive to Azadi square and then Lashgari highway and then go to the desired terminal according to the signs.

Fortunately, you can also reach Mehrabad by metro, which will be faster. Line 4 of the metro, which extends from Eram-e  Sabz to Shahid Kolahdoz and vice versa, is the same route to the airport.

For this purpose, you must get off at the insurance station and take the special line for Mehrabad airport.

Website address: https://mehrabad.airport.ir/

Flights information: 199

Mehrabad Prohibitions

To ensure order and uphold security, certain objects are prohibited from being carried within the airport premises. The list of restricted items includes:

1. All forms of firearms, including military weapons and hunting rifles.

2. Various types of cold weapons, such as knives.

3. All kinds of incendiary devices, including firecrackers and grenades.

4. Any form of sprays, such as tear gas.

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Final Words

Mehrabad airport, situated in Tehran, serves as the main airport in Iran, catering to domestic flights. This airport boasts 6 terminals and witnesses a daily transfer of approximately 34,000,000 individuals. Iran Air, Aseman, Mahan, Varesh, and Zagros are among the air travel companies that facilitate passenger transportation from this airport.

Exploring Mehrabad Airport: A Gateway to Tehran FAQ

Where is Mehrabad airport located?

Mehrabad Airport is located in District 9 of Tehran, near Azadi Square. 

How many terminal does this airport have?

Mehrabad boasts 6 terminals.

Is there any prohibitions at the Mehrabad airport?

Yes, carrying some stuffs are forbidden. Such as any kinds of weapons, or flammable objects.

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