7 Top Hotels in Qeshm Island

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Qeshm Island, situated in the Strait of Hormuz, is a prominent Iranian island shaped like an arrow and is separated from the mainland by the Clarence Strait (also known as Khuran) in the Persian Gulf. It holds the title of being the largest island in Iran as well as in the Persian Gulf, spanning approximately 135 kilometers.

Qeshm Island is home to various attractions, one of which is the Namakdan Salt Cave, recognized as the longest known salt cave globally.

Due to its popularity, the island attracts numerous tourists from both inside and outside of Iran, leading to the establishment of numerous hotels and residences. Familiarizing oneself with these accommodations is crucial before embarking on a journey to Qeshm.


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There are multiple options for accommodation in Qeshm, ranging from luxurious 5-star hotels to cozy apartment and suite hotels. Travelers can choose where to stay based on their preferences and financial means. The hotels in the area offer different amenities and services, ensuring a pleasant and unforgettable experience for visitors.

5-Stars Hotels

Ziggurat Hotel

Ziggurat Hotel, Qeshm Island
Ziggurat Hotel, Qeshm Island

This hotel stands as a premier five-star establishment on Qeshm Island, boasting an impressive 25 floors and 200 rooms. Its distinctive square shape sets it apart, with a visually captivating design that creates the illusion of narrowing upper floors compared to the lower ones. The architectural concept of the hotel gives it a dynamic appearance, as if the floors gracefully rotate around their axis, resembling dancers in motion. With its exceptional design and luxurious amenities, this hotel ensures a comfortable and enjoyable stay for its guests, earning it high praise and accolades.

Soorinet Hotel

Soorinet Hotel, Qeshm Island
Soorinet Hotel, Qeshm Island

This 5-star hotel offers exceptional amenities, making it a distinguished choice for accommodation, business gatherings, celebrations, and conferences.

The hotel’s design adheres to contemporary global architecture, featuring conceptual and minimalist geometric shapes.

The range of facilities provided includes stunning views of the Persian Gulf, complimentary nationwide Wi-Fi, parking, elevator, room service, gym, conference hall, coffee shop, restaurant, travel agency, Iranian-style bathroom with a refrigerator, swimming pool, boutique, pavilion, laundry service, lobby, green spaces, dry sauna, steam sauna, jacuzzi, and more.

For a different experience, the Soorinet Hotel is a luxurious modern hotel with an ideal location.

4-Stars Hotels

The Golden Beach Hotel

The Golden Beach Hotel, Qeshm Island
The Golden Beach Hotel, Qeshm Island

Situated in Qeshm, is renowned as one of the finest four-star accommodations in the area. Established in 2007, this hotel is conveniently located just 15 kilometers away from the island’s center. With a total of 58 rooms and suites, guests have a variety of options to choose from.

At the Golden Beach Qeshm Hotel, guests can make reservations for regular and VIP double rooms, regular and VIP triple rooms, regular and VIP four-bed rooms, as well as five-person one-bedroom suites and eight-person duplex suites.

The hotel offers an array of amenities and services to ensure a comfortable stay. These include a restaurant with a seating capacity of 150 people, complimentary parking for up to 20 cars, free unlimited internet access in the lobby, lush green spaces, a refreshing swimming pool, a 24-hour reception desk, a cozy coffee shop, a convenient store, and a safety deposit box for added security.

Avina Hotel

Avina Hotel, Qeshm Island
Avina Hotel, Qeshm Island

Established in 2019, Avina Hotel offers convenient and swift access to the Persian Gulf and various commercial complexes like City Center.

The hotel provides an array of amenities and services to enhance the guest experience.

These include a restaurant with a seating capacity of 50 individuals, complimentary parking for up to 10 cars, unrestricted internet access in the lobby, a safety deposit box, a coffee shop, a luggage room, porter service, access to a movie network, a 24-hour reception, round-trip transfers with specified costs, an internet cafe, tour assistance, and taxi service.

This hotel, boasting a 4-star rating, spans across seven floors and features 40 rooms. Guests have the option to reserve standard double rooms, one-bedroom double suites, economy double rooms overlooking the patio, triple rooms, and four-person double bedroom suites.

Eram Qeshm Hotel

Eram Qeshm Hotel
Eram Qeshm Hotel

Boasts 96 rooms spread across 5 floors, providing accommodation for up to 300 guests. The elegant and exquisite design of Eram Hotel has elevated it to a luxurious establishment. The hotel offers a range of facilities such as a restaurant, coffee shop, breakfast hall, conference hall, amphitheater hall, gym, tennis court, green space, gazebo, toiletries, and complimentary internet access. Additionally, its convenient location near popular tourist attractions and the city center simplifies transportation for visitors.

3-Stars Hotels

Kimia 4 Hotel

Kimia 4 Hotel, Qeshm Island
Kimia 4 Hotel, Qeshm Island

Stands out as a top-rated three-star hotel on Qeshm Island, conveniently situated on Sayadan Boulevard. This hotel boasts 5 floors and offers a total of 44 rooms. The available room options for booking encompass a double room, a triple room, a connecting room for four individuals, a four-bed room, a one-bedroom suite accommodating five people, and a two-bedroom suite accommodating six people.

Persian Gulf Hotel

Persian Gulf Hotel, Qeshm Island
Persian Gulf Hotel, Qeshm Island

Situated in the Darghan area of Qeshm, is a three-star hotel with convenient access to the Persian Gulf, Old Bazaar, Morvaid Bazaar, Negin Bazaar, Sadaf Bazaar, Noor Bazaar and Darya Commercial Complex. The hotel, spanning 5 floors, boasts 122 rooms ranging from 2 beds to 9 beds. Noteworthy amenities include a restaurant accommodating 650 guests, complimentary parking for 200 cars, free unlimited internet in the lobby, a travel agency, taxi service, rooftop restaurant, 24-hour reception, a store, safe deposit box, traditional tea house, and coffee shop.

Final Words

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Qeshm Island has a variety of accommodations to suit different preferences and budgets. Whether you prefer a hotel, a guesthouse, or a more authentic stay, you’ll find options to make your visit enjoyable!

7 Top Hotels in Qeshm Island FAQ

Is there any 5-stars hotel in Qeshm Island?

Yes, The Ziggurat Hotel and Soorinet Hotel are two 5 stars hotels on Qeshm Island.

What accommodations are considered at Golden beach hotel?

There are many facilities like: free internet access, green spaces, swimming pool, a 24-hour reception desk, coffee shop and a safety deposit box.

Would you suggest a 3-stars hotel at Dargahan area?

Persian Gulf Hotel is the one which is located at Dargahan zone and has an ideal location.

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